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Not sure about the speed, but I have read issues of GL where Lanterns have flown across Sectors in minutes. As far as the constructs, whatever they think of and have the willpower to create, they can create from their ring.

ah okay I misinterpreted what he meant by astral projections, my bad

and yeah that’s what I thought, they have to be pretty damn fast to do that

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They can travel that fast but it needs an infinite amount of energy to do so (ie lantern battery), power ring alone will not do. and yes they can but it depends on the user because the ring’s power is based on will. strong willed = astral possible.

that makes a lot of sense, I see that’s interesting

and oh I get it now, haha thanks

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No, only Flash can do that.

yeah that’s what I thought, but the corps members are capable of traveling really fast

thanks everyone for your help, I’ll dedicate some posts to you to show my gratitude

bboynewgen said:

So what pokemon do you have on your team? I was pretty proud of mine and I can't believe I lost my game... makes me sad actually. so much hard work put into them. I had all lvl 100 pokemon. Kyogre (Suiton), Toxicroak (Senshi), Electivire (Raiton), Togekiss (Fuuton), Metagross (Doton), Charizard (Katon). so what's your team?

that is good! well my team in white is swoobat, eelektross, chandelure, samurott, stoutland & blissey. but this is just the one im playing right now, i have so many from my others that are better ^-^