A very important announcement, so listen up. For the next few weeks. Bindlebrim Hallows will be plagued with a series of unfortunate murders. They will happen randomly and they’ll be quite inconclusive. The murderer, which is but a mystery to the citizens of Bindlebrim, will not be stopped unless figured out. This where you all come in: unless he or she is found out, Hell will be unleashed on this quaint little town. If your character finds any clues (which will be given by yours truly if requested), Bindlebrim might be saved from the grasps of evil. If not… Pray the Lord your soul to take.

Here is some OOC knowledge for you folks:

  • The murderer is anyone. Your neighbor, your teacher, the delivery guy, the barista at Kaffeine —anyone. Don’t let your guards down, because that’s when they’ll pounce.
  • While they do have an agenda, don’t expect every murder to happen every single day. It might happen one day, it’ll be quiet for a week, and then two will occur the same day. Tip? Don’t underestimate them. 
  • As stated above, while they do have an agenda, it’s not always followed. Slip ups will occur and that’s when your character might have the best chance to catch them in the act.
  • And lastly, going after them is pretty much giving yourself up to the Devil. 

Good luck. Your characters will need it.

HELLO, HELLO! Happy Thanksgivukkah (I’m not crazy, that’s a word)! And if you don’t celebrate either Thanksgiving or Hanukkah… Happy Regular Thursday! We just want to wish our followers and members happy holidays and hope you all are having a terrific time with your family on this day. We might be just a tad inactive today seeing as most of us are celebrating with our families. But don’t fret! All questions/concerns will be answered once a mod is on.

While we don’t have an official event for this holiday, you all are more than welcome to plot among yourselves on, I don’t know, a thanksgiving dinner among characters or something along those lines. But yeah, go stuff yourselves with turkey and enjoy yourselves! And bless your souls if you’re either working on Black Friday tomorrow or simply going shopping on Black Friday… Seriously. It’s crazy.


The roles below are now re-opened, please unfollow the following:

  • Elysia Morana - Zoey has decided to drop Elysia after having thought of doing so for awhile now. She’ll still be keeping her River as a character, however. 
  • Violet Moore - Due to lack of muse and lack of connection with her role, Meha has unfortunately decided to drop Violet and leave Bindlebrim. We wish her the best of luck!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO OUR LOVELY MEMBERS & AVID FOLLOWERS! We hope you all are having a fantastic day with this week’s festivities and whatnot, and to those celebrating Christmas tomorrow, Merry Christmas! Better to say this now rather than tomorrow when you all will be busy with family and friends. The main may be a tad inactive today and tomorrow, but all questions will answered once a mod is on, so don’t fret!

Due to this being a very busy time of the month, the previous activity check will not be taking effect for this week. With festivities & crazy work schedules, it wouldn’t be fair to hold your activity against you guys. However, the following roles be re-opened on January 4th, 2014 unless their players message us about it. If you already spoken to us, your role should not be listed below but if it is just message us. 

On a side note, we will be switching the options for original characters again. Vampire OCs will still be available, but instead of shape-shifters, witch OCs will be available once more. Any questions/concerns regarding either activity or original characters can be dealt with through our ask box

A little mistake was made on the admin post and I just wanted to clear it with all of you. The opening is Saturday, November 23rd at 6PM EST ad Bindlebrim will be opening it’s doors on the 24th, 6PM EST. Sorry for the misunderstanding, my scattermind some times is just too much, I swear. Also, if applicant Tati could open up her ask box so we can send messages regarding your concern, that would be great!