Chocolate smoothie bowl for breakfast👅 2 bananas | Almond milk | Cacao | Avocado | Strawberries | Ice = heaven 🍫🌈 Topped with sberries/bberries, passionfruit, nanas, @loving_earth chocolate, cacao powder and cacao nibs! Making some raw treats then off to the gym💪

semla-san asked:


Full Name (If Not Known)
Rhubarb pie-kun

Favorite Hobby(s) dance! (Duh) video games, and swimming.

Do They Love/Hate Their Current Job/Occupation (If Any). Rhu loves teaching kids how to dance during the day. He doesn’t mind working late on weekends at Misti’s until he has a relationship going.

Number Of/ Relationship With Siblings
Has: none.

Lots think Morgan is related, but only by Baker’s relations

Relationship With baker: he had a lovely standing with his baker. She passed on at an old age, leaving him with enough to get by.

A Fear They Have- crushing someone he loves. Failing at dance.

Something ‘They’ Believe They Are Good At: video games and singing.

Favorite Person/Friend: gustaso! And Mellow. The two of them his very first friends.

Also to mention; BBerry cobbler, GiNNIE, Veila, and strawberry pie.

Living Habits
Rhu lives in a dominantly empty apartment with a basement. Living room is sparse in furniture to save room for dance practice at home. (Currently annoying Morgan at 7am)

Wakes early to jog and exercise, dance practice. Shower. Dance instruction at 9am downtown at En pointe. Usually keeping two classes a day.

Plays as many games as he can in his free time.

Thursday- Saturday Rhu bartends at Misti’s bar.
(Anything Else Of Your Choice- No Limit)