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PSA to the writer of headcanon #1858, naming your child "Mary Molly" would be like naming your kid "William Billy", or "Richard Dick", or "Robert Bob" because Molly is a nickname for Mary. Part of the reason many assume(ed) Molly is(was?) to be Mary Morstan was because of this. It would make much more since if Molly didn't like her FIRST name, and choose to go by Molly, a nickname for her given name. The More You Know~(Not trying to be mean. just it irked me. A lot.)

It can also just be a straight up given name or even short for Margaret.  Molly Sims for example is just Molly, not formally Mary. While Molly Brown, of Titanic fame, was actually Margaret. I feel like it’s a bit different than William Billy XYZ. But, we do appreciate you information ad addictions to the discussion. 


Kelsey and Duke


Have been adding my own little bits in my head, such as: Sherlock only wanted to inherit the Stradivarius so much in the first place because Mycroft also wanted it but couldn’t play; Sherlock learned so as to have a more legitimate claim on the heirloom than his brother. Maybe that’s what started the feud. THIS IS GETTING CONVOLUTED. AND BRILLIANT. STRADIVARIUS HEAD CANON FTW!

This Week in the Sherlock/Benedict Fandoms

• Some of the younger cumberbitches are now Cumbercookies in a Cumberbatch (thanks but no thanks for me)
• Benedict at the marriage of Seth Cummings to Rob Rinder
• “When Poor Ben Sees Double” newspaper article from a while ago which is the cutest thing I have ever read.
• “Predatory way Sherlock follows John’s movement’s” gif.
• New owner of the URL ‘Sherlock’! (Go check out the blog, she’s amazing!)
• Music preview for season 3!
• Audio thing from wedding scene
• Read through of “His Last Vow” done and they’re ready to start filming!
• Bat John by hattedhedgehog which is adorable!
• A Study in Pink: both pills were harmless, poison in the water. (Via bbcsherlockheadcanon)
• Piano Night with Benedict Cumberbatch, James Rhodes, and Derren Brown
• Our Benny is in a relationship! (I think. I’m not sure it’s ‘confirmed’)
• We got a thank you letter from Ben!!
• The Fifth Estate trailer and gifsets
• First official promo photo in Empire Magazine for season 3
• Andrew Scott in Sea Wall

May have forgotten some things. Some things on here may be older than others, just putting what trends I see from my dash.

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For Doctor Who: (this one has a bit of everything, but its mostly Who and she’s really good :)

For Sherlock: (this one’s nsfw, but i love it c:)

Avengers: (this blog is all i think about lately, it’s marvelous :)

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Just want to say that I love this blog. Actually, going through these posts has kept me from self harm tonight.

Thank you so much for such a large compliment. We’re glad that reading has put you in a better mind set. Good luck and be safe!

Time for questions!

Rule 1: Post the Rules.
Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones.
Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to your post.
Rule 4: Let them know you’ve tagged them.

I was tagged by proclaimed-dead-on-arrival.

1. Sun or snow?

I’d say sun, but not the summer kind of sun, more the spring kind!

2. A song that changed your life?

That’s a hard one! I don’t think any song ever changed my life but if I had to pick one I’d choose Jeremy by Pearl Jam :)

3. What internet browser do you use (chrome, firefox, etc.) ?


4. How long have you been on tumblr?

7 months I believe

5. A book you could read a thousand times and never grow bored of it?

Freaky Green Eyes by Joyce carol Oates <3

6. Favorite food you eat with a spoon?

Peanut butter!

7. Somewhere you’ve always wanted to go?

Scotland! Hopefully in a few years :)

8. A childhood tv show that was your favorite?

The Teletubbies

9. Current non internet related obsession?

Food (actually, not eating food would be more accurate)

10. What color is your hair?

Mostly blonde with blue tips!

11. Last person you talked to?

My mum.

There you go!

1. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
2. What do you dip a chicken nugget in?
3. When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween?
4. How many languages can you speak?
5. Do you take a vitamin daily?
6. Have you ever been in love?
7. Do you prefer black or green olives?
8. Do you want to get married?
9. Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of a bees?
10. What’s your least favorite movie?
11. Have you ever peed in the woods?

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The skull on the mantelpiece is the skull of his Mother who died when he was little. When he's upset, depressed or just generally worried about something, he'll just talk to her like she's actually still there with him. Sherlock misses his Mother dearly and often finds himself wondering why she had to die so young. It was Sherlock's death that weakened her, meaning that she had died a few days after he was born.

Gentle reminder we won’t be posting headcanons like this. According to our UK followers in the Casebook the skull is named Billy. 

But thank you for the submission! 

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mine isnt a canon but a question about a past one. in #1730 (/post/46292381207/submission-by-anonymous) who is clara and harry? i dont remember see them in sherlock...

Harry is short for Harriet, and John’s alcoholic sister. She’s the one who give John his phone. Clara is her ex-wife. 

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The Anderson's name headcanon breaks your rules as the casebook shows his name starts with an S. Also, if "Leslie" is supposed to be an insult, it insults many fine men whose name actually is Leslie(as leslie is a gender-neutral name).

I didn’t think of it as an insult. It’s a fine name. That was Gerald Ford and Bob Hope’s give name. 

But! Neither Duke nor I have the Casebook so we have to rely on you fine people for this information.

Thanks so much!

Kels and Duke

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Hi. I love your blog! <3 At first I thought all of it were true, then infos change and gets another version then I realised I was wrong. Can anyone say anything about the show as long as its somehow connected to the series and characters?

Yes! Anyone can say anything so long as it doesn’t directly go against canon.