sujilatte said: oh rly,good then. I swear i felt like throwing him off a window,now all the teachers think i’m a bad girl and shit oh god :-(((( maths? how was it???? Oh i see. nothing much just looking for a fanfic to read coughs i’m bored hbu bby?

u are not a bad gurl bby {`pats ur head}. it was ok ehh just maths the normal ;w; oohhhhhhh i see u read fanfics let me give u one pls ok? nothing much tbh i have to take my dog out but i am too lazy tbh sighs


She’s got no idea what hit her, other than maybe a truck, or maybe a train, or something because she can feel the bruises all along her back, her head…her everything. 

She blinks open her eyes to find out that it’s just dark and no amount of blinking can make it brighter, blindfolded then. 

Blindfolded and shackled and she’s not sure she can pick the lock from this angle, not without seeing what she’s attached to. 

Well wherever she’s kept, it dank and a little cold, almost moldy, like a basement of some sort, but she can’t tell where yet. 

She goes to speak, to tell the people holding her captive to just ask what they want already so she can kick their asses and go home, but there’s another piece of fabric in her mouth, tastes like cotton and blood. 


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hi amy! I was wondering if you could recommend a few affordable bb creams/cc creams? I am looking for good coverage, spf, and lasts all day. thank you ahead of time ^^

I think Stick Foundation or CC cream will be good. :)

I saw a lot of good Eco Soul Spau BBcake from THESAM review!

I hope you know this is more helpful and effective that is using makeup base keep the makeup all day long, layering a foundation with sponge as well. ah! finish up makeup fixer!;),  using sunscreen, sun spray or sun powder on the makeup. :D

thanks and I hope you get good one☆

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[ text: dom ] Abela was the only one who wouldn't talk to me for a week [ text: dom ] Abra however was very excited [ text: dom ] apparently they all think i'm a workaholic with no life

[ text; lion ] you are a workaholic, bbcakes

[ text; lion ] they’re really okay with it?