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Benedict Cumberbatch reciting quotes from The Divine Comedy by Dante. These were taken from a documentary shown on BBC4 called ‘Girlfriend In A Coma’.

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Burton and Taylor: TV Trailer - BBC Four

There’s a documentary series airing on BBC4 at the moment called "Secrets of Bones" which I’ve been pleasantly absorbed by lately, so I wanted to spread the word and encourage people to check it out.

Evolutionary biologist and master skeleton builder Ben Garrod presents a six-part series looking at how bones have enabled vertebrates to colonise and dominate practically every habitat on Earth.

We’re half-way through the six-part series, and so far have looked at the diversity of bones supporting animals ranging in size from blue whales to tiny frogs, how bones have allowed animals to adapt to different methods of locomotion and in particular how they’ve evolved to support flight. Along the way skulls have been baked and put in jugs of formic acid to see how the compound structure is necessary for strength and flexibility, deer bones have withstood forces far greater than concrete and we’ve got to peek (with the aid of a rather terrifying looking bone saw) at the Aero-like structure inside an ostrich’s leg.

The series has the odd moment where it comes across as a little bit too much ‘trying to be cool’ with it’s jazzy music and drifting into bloke-down-the-pub style of delivery, but it’s at its best when the presenter gets absorbed into his obvious geeky enthusiasm for all things skeletal - sample quote “I absolutely love this femur here - it’s so full of character!”. If you’re interested in the natural world and what a dabble in some comparative anatomy tells you about the amazing diversity of life out there then you’ll definitely find something to enjoy.

The previous three episodes are still up online and will be until 1 April 2014 when the series finishes airing. I’d definitely recommend you give it a go!

Benedict still in London

Sanchia Berg ‏@Sanchia7 
Benedict Cumberbatch has just strolled through the @BBCr4today office … wearing a flat cap and glasses … ineffective disguise.

Silvia ‏@MsSilT 
@Sanchia7 @BBCr4today Is he going to be on air do you know?

Sanchia Berg ‏@Sanchia7 
@MsSilT @BBCr4today he’s recording something for future broadcast….


BBC Radio 4 @BBCRadio4 
Benedict Cumberbatch is recording in studio today. Why? Our lips are sealed. For now.

Update 2:

BBC Radio 4 @BBCRadio4 · 

.@TheBendySlow @PudgyPiggy cumberbatch did not have a chocolate biscuit, but he did request a mint tea