• Me:omg Arthur said Merlin's name in his sleep! They are so gay for each other!
  • Friend 1:I don't understand why everyone ships them, they're just BEST FRIENDS
  • Me:
  • Me:yeah, because i totally say my best friend's name in my sleep... But you gotta admit that Arthur poking Merlin in the butt with a stick is gay.
  • Friend 1:Dude, they're just really really close guys who care about each other in a friend kind of way.
  • Me:
  • Friend 2:Well, I admit that they are pretty gay for each other but I don't ship it because I want see them with girls.
  • Me:
  • Me:omfg this heteronormative society

The Tumblr blog themerlinfandom has been inactive for three months. I used to be an admin on it, but left after I created my own blog. The original creator of themerlinfandom has also left, as you can see from the last post they made.

According to the ‘about’ page (which is outdated), however, there is one other admin, artie-pratdragon, in possession of that blog. Unfortunately, this person has also changed their url, and cannot be located.

If you are an admin of that blog but do not wish to use it, could you please free up the url for someone else to use? The url ‘themerlinfandom’ is a great one, and it seems like such a waste if the blog with that url is inactive.

Thank you. Please reblog this to spread the word.