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modern AU where Arthur and the Knights are all FBI agents, and Merlin is a masked vigilante who anonymously helps them out.


  • Arthur is the prince of the department and everybody knows it, groomed to take over from Day 1 even without aspersions of nepotism. Uther Pendragon leads the Bureau with an iron fist and no leniency and Arthur does everything strictly by the book because his father would accept nothing less. He is good at his job, fantastic even, and his team is the best there is, hand-picked early on and trained as he saw fit. Their track record with mundane crimes is near-spotless, their reputation sparkling, but there are some criminals who are simply beyond their means. Magic makes everything so much more complicated and Uther outright refuses to allow anyone with magical skill under his employ. Arthur curses the fact that there are no laws in place to prevent this particular form of discriminatory hiring practices, but bites his tongue and toes the line. As he always does.
  • The first envelope turns up on Arthur’s desk out of nowhere. There’s no name on it but Arthur’s, no return address or information about the sender or what department it may have come from, and no one from the mailroom had delivered it or seen it at all. Arthur slips it to Lancelot to have it discreetly tested for various poisons and toxic substances and it comes back completely clean. He’s still hesitant to open it, but open it he does after it’s sat on his desk taunting him for three days. Inside he finds a photograph of a man with a badly scarred face, a lock of hair, and a small container filled with what looks to be blood. There’s a note which reads I didn’t know which would be better for DNA testing but here’s your man for the Panacea trafficking ring, test it against the rape kits. His name is Edwin Muirden. It had a date, a time, and an address at the bottom. It wasn’t signed. Arthur had five hours to make his decision before the deadline set on the note, and Arthur mobilized his team (and two other teams as backup just in case) at the last minute, hoping to all the gods that may or may not be that this wasn’t a trap or some sort of practical joke. When he returns to HQ with Muirden in handcuffs and fourteen traumatized girls wrapped up in shock blankets, Arthur is forced to explain to his father where he’d gotten his information. Arthur is put on probation, but he can’t bring himself to regret it when he sees those girls reunited with their families.
  • The notes keep coming, any time they have a case they just can’t seem to solve, a sorcerer they can’t pin down. They’re never signed, there’s never any indication of how exactly they came to be on Arthur’s desk, and they never fail to lead Arthur to an arrest. After the first, the messages get longer, including not just the information he needs but also the source of it and how Arthur could have gotten it. They gave Arthur a story to tell his father to keep himself from getting in trouble again. And after the third case closed with the mysterious help, Arthur can’t bring himself to regret flouting protocol and lying to his father anymore.
  • It was bound to go south eventually. On an assault ten months into his collaboration with the anonymous letter-sender, Arthur and his team finally meet someone they can’t bring down with guns and fists. Nimueh runs the largest crime syndicate in the country, an enormous underground network of criminal activity peppered liberally with sorcerers, and she herself is an enormously powerful sorceress, more powerful than they’d anticipated. With Leon, Percival, and Elyan down for the count, unconscious not dead please not dead, and Gwaine limping and disarmed, Arthur only wishes his team didn’t have to die with him. Arthur fires his very last bullet, praying to all that is holy that it will do its job, but Nimueh catches it with magic and laughs as she turns it around, sends it flying straight for Arthur’s face. And yet it never connects. It stops abruptly and hangs in midair an inch from his nose and Nimueh gives a cry of outrage. Someone dressed in all black with a mask around over his face steps forward from a shadowed recess of the room, hand raised and eyes blazing gold. Arthur falls back, gaping, as the man engages Nimueh in a battle unlike anything he has ever seen before. He and Gwaine watch open-mouthed as one of Nimueh’s blows connects, a ball of flames catching the man full in the chest, and Arthur thinks their savior has been defeated and they’re all going to die, but unbelievably he climbs to his feet, heaving chest blistered and red, visible through the charred remains of his shirt. The man raises a hand to the sky and a bolt of lightning shatters the ceiling over their heads to strike Nimueh, leaving behind nothing but a pile of ash and an echoing shriek. The man collapses to the ground and Arthur almost rushes to him, but that’s when their backup finally arrives, agents swarming the scene, and by the time Arthur looks back the man has vanished.
  • That night–or maybe the next morning, he isn’t sure, but he’s too tired to care really–Arthur returns to his flat to find his roommate unconscious on the floor of their living room, black mask bunched up around his throat and shirt charred. As Arthur drives him to A&E, he alternates between concern that Merlin has been hurt and shock that Merlin is the man who just destroyed the most powerful magical crime boss in the city’s history with terrifying displays of magic. And when Merlin wakes up in hospital a few days later, Arthur doesn’t shout because that would be terrible indiscreet but instead hisses furiously at him for a very long time. He demands to know when Merlin had started with the magic, to which Merlin says always. He demands to know why the hell Merlin had started butting into his cases, to which Merlin says because you always look so upset when you can’t do it yourself, besides what’s wrong with helping people? But when Arthur demands to know why Merlin had had to go all vigilante and not tell him about it, Merlin smirks and says it was a lot more fun this way. Arthur only doesn’t hit him because the nurse might actually kick him out if he does that.

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are you still taking asks for the au thing? :D au with prince! merlin and first knight! arthur (and they grew up together)

  • Merlin is lonely growing up. Life as a prince is isolating, and even more so when your natural talents place you far above your agemates in your training regiments. Merlin has no siblings, no friends, no one to play with, and he spends all his time with the adults who can actual challenge him where magic is concerned. Not that he minds spending time with his trainers, as they’re all very nice and knowledgeable and they teach him to do the most amazing things, but they won’t help him sneak into the kitchens to filch snacks and he never quite manages it when he tries alone. Sometimes Merlin resorts to conjuring smoke-people in his chambers, little smoke-people that are his size that he can talk to as if they’ll actually talk back. It’s a little pathetic though, so he lays face down in his bed instead. Not that that’s any better.
  • Merlin is 12 when he meets Arthur. He’s out on the primary training field, practicing his deflection spells, when he catches sight of a blond boy about his age sparring with a veteran knight and actually doing quite well. He’s never seen anyone so young be so good with a blade. He’s certainly not, but then honestly he doesn’t try very hard in sword practice. But Arthur obviously has the knack for it, bumped up to train far above his agemates just like Merlin is. When Merlin hears that Arthur’s expected to receive his knighthood by 15, he goes straight to his father and requests Arthur as his honor guard and his father grants it.
  • He probably should have asked Arthur first, in hindsight, or really spoken to him at all. Then he would’ve realized how damnably formal the boy is. He says yes sire and no my lord and by your leave when all Merlin wants to do is wrestle in the dirt the way his nannies would never let him. It’s not that Arthur’s timid or anything, he’s certainly not that, but he just has so much respect for Merlin’s rank that he’s not any fun at all. Finally Merlin gets fed up with it all and tackles him. Arthur’s got no choice but to be fun then because he simply refuses to lose, even if Merlin is the prince. So Merlin ends up pinned to the ground and giggling like mad with Arthur straddling his chest and looking thoroughly grumpy about the whole situation. But Arthur ends up laughing too, and he calls Merlin by his name for the first time in two months. Then he calls him an idiot and really it’s all downhill from there.
  • According to practically everyone in the castle, Merlin and Arthur are just desperate to die for each other. According to either of them, the other one is just a danger-magnet with no self-preservation instincts to speak of. In actuality, they’re joined at the hip and it’s a roll of the dice to see which of them manages to jump in front of the other to take the blow on any given occasion. With the poison, it’s Arthur who ends up drinking it and Merlin who goes riding an antidote. With the Questing Beast, it’s Merlin who gets bitten and Arthur who bargains with a Priestess for a cure. With the ransomers, it’s Arthur who gets beat up because he won’t keep his damn mouth shut and draws all their attention onto him and Merlin who fights tooth and nail against the magic-restraining cuffs until he burns them off his wrists. With the bandits, it’s Merlin who takes a knife to the shoulder because Arthur has his back turned and can’t see it coming. No matter which one of them happens to be injured or dying at any given moment, it’s a safe bet that the other was the intended target and is now the one beside himself and riding to the gates of hell at full speed and damn the consequences.
  • By the time Merlin takes his father’s place as king, Arthur is Merlin’s first advisor in every capacity (except for magic, of course, that honor goes to the Lady Morgana, High Priestess of the Isle of the Blessed). Merlin often jokes that really it’s Arthur who’s truly running the kingdom and Merlin there to be the pretty face they stamp on the gold coins, to which Arthur reliably replies that pretty isn’t exactly the word he would use. Until, of course, the night comes when a wine-sodden Arthur admits that Merlin is in fact very pretty and he’s actually quite fond of Merlin’s face, his lips mostly, and has been since they were 12. He rambles on about the wonder that is Merlin’s face (and a bit about his bum too) until Merlin’s ears are burning red and he can’t surpress his smile, and Merlin has to kiss him to get him to shut up. They’re even more inseparably after that, and Morgana’s jokes about them being joined at the hip take on a whole new connotation.

no more, no more, I admit defeat

He’d never thought about Merlin kissing him before, he’d never thought what he’d do if he did. What he was sure he wouldn’t do however had been exactly what he had done. Somehow, in all the mess, in all the ways he’d tried to cling onto Merlin and to life, he’d found himself actually clinging onto him. He’d kissed him back. He was sure of it, even if it all felt a bit of a blur after Merlin’s lips had hit his. He didn’t think he’d ever kissed anybody like that before, not even Gwen. It would be improper to kiss a lady like that, with such hardness and insistence, with teeth biting at the soft swell of lips…oh fuck.
Turning the corner, Arthur had almost come to a complete stop after realizing who was talking to Gwen, Lance, and Elyan. Ahead, with his back to him, stood Merlin, not with his usual attire of indie band t-shirt and jeans that were about to fall off him, but with a snug navy and white plaid button-up that was rolled up to his elbows and a pair of fitted jeans. Arthur didn’t realize how his eyes travelled from the broad shoulders, past the tapered waist, over the denim that hugged his ass, and down the long legs. His eyes briefly flickered back to the curve of Merlin’s ass, but quickly ripped his gaze away and mentally slapped himself, wondering what he was doing.

mysmileispureandblood-stained asked:

For the 5+ thing: Morgana never went evil and Merlin helped her with her magic control


  • When Morgana finally lets the word fall from her lips, with her eyes wet and frightened and desperate, Merlin stops breathing. He tries to shake his head, to say that he can’t say anything, can’t do anything to help. He hears Gaius’s warnings and the dragon’s dire prophecies ring in his ears, but all that is overshadowed by the sight of Morgana trembling in front of him, pulled taut like a bowstring and ready to snap. And he nods. Morgana’s gasp sounds like the first breath of a woman drowning and he knows he did the right thing and damn the consequences.
  • It’s a few more days before Merlin works up the courage to confess his own secret. He’s been avoiding Gaius as much as possible and ignoring the dragon’s insistent calls, focusing instead on the way Morgana’s pale face brightens whenever she catches sight of him in a room, the way she stands a little straighter and holds her head a little higher when she knows he’s there. He sneaks into her rooms one night after Gwen has been dismissed and he tells Morgana in halting sentences that don’t really make a whole lot of sense but they get the point across, and his hand is shaking when he conjures a flame in it. Morgana’s grin is brighter than the sun and Merlin can breathe free for the first time in weeks.
  • They spend many nights in Morgana’s rooms, the doors magically locked so no one can barge in and catch Merlin where he is very much not allowed to be doing things he is very much not allowed to do and have him hanged for one reason or another. They sit crosslegged on Morgana’s bed with Merlin’s spellbook between them and he teaches her the language, helps her form the words to shape her magic, bring it under her control. Morgana’s first successful, intentional spell manages to light all the candles in the room (without catching anything on fire this time, thankfully) and she is so thrilled that she launches herself into Merlin’s arms and hugs him tight. It takes him a moment to get over the shock and hug her back, but he can’t deny that he never wants to let her go.
  • The two of them fall asleep there, still dressed and sprawled out across her bed after a night of spellcasting. Merlin wakes up to the sound of Morgana whimpering in distress. She thrashes, clutches at the bedsheets, whips her head back and forth, and Merlin sees a glimpse of gold in her rolling eyes. When she wakes with a scream, eyes distant and wild and terrified, Merlin doesn’t hesitate to pull her into his arms, to stroke her hair and murmur reassurances and kiss her forehead. He tells her that it’s alright, she’s safe, they’re all safe. He tells her that whatever she saw isn’t definite, that it isn’t the whole story, that there’s always a way and they’ll find it together. She clings to him until the panic subsides and the shaking stops. She thanks him with a kiss and the two of them stay awake all night, trying to find a way to sneak Merlin out of her rooms before Gwen brings her breakfast.
  • Arthur finds out eventually, of course. About everything. Gwen finds out about the two of them together first, but the magic comes out to them both at once, when a hoarde of bandits looking for ransom material crash into a quiet picnic in the woods. With Arthur disarmed and pinned down and Gwen with a bandit’s knife at her throat, it’s Morgana who doesn’t hesitate to sling the first spell, but she’s only a novice and she doesn’t have the strength or the stamina to fight them all off. Merlin catches her as she faints, exhaustion taking her over, and he finishes what she started with a wave of his hand, sending the remaining opponents fleeing into the trees. When Merlin finally takes a moment to look at Arthur, he isn’t sure what had truly shocked him more – the display of magic from the two people he trusts most, or the way Merlin cradled Morgana to his chest and placed a gentle kiss on her lips when she came round. When they got back to Camelot, Arthur did a lot of shouting and Morgana shouted back until Gwen stepped in and asked if they wanted to alert the whole damn castle and get Merlin and Morgana both killed. That had sobered Arthur dramatically and driven Morgana into Merlin’s arms as they waited for Arthur’s judgment. When Arthur made a joke about Merlin staying away from Morgana’s chambers, or at least not getting caught there (because really how many executionable offenses do you want to commit??), they both heaved a sigh of relief. Until, of course, they confessed that Merlin actually did spend a great deal of time in Morgana’s chambers and Merlin had to start ducking goblets.

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