Last night I had dinner with Brian Minchin and Peter Capaldi. Brian and I just thought we ought to have a “calm before the storm” chat, but of course real life is rubbish at drama, and we just had a jolly time, instead of being all hushed and momentous.

Peter, in his gentle, courteous way (apparently that can happen out of Glasgow) was slightly worried that he’d given an interview where it was implied we’d all had a bit of a squabble about something (we haven’t, not even once, for the record.)

"I never said any of that!" he protested to the man who’d once called the Doctors unconventionally attractive and woken up to "Moffat calls all the Doctors ugly!" all over the internet.

"I know," I said. "It happens. It may happen again. So shut your ugly face!" He punched me over the table, Brian hit with a chair, and the police were called. (For the humour-challenged, I may well be making that last part up.)

—  Steven Moffat, Doctor Who Magazine Issue 477, in response to claims over the internet that he and Peter Capaldi had been arguing.
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Summary The Gazan ‘miracle baby’ who was saved from her killed mother’s womb has died in an incubator in a hospital, suffering from power shortages inflicted by Israeli strikes. People are being treated in the hallways. Yusuf Abu Rish, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Palestine has called the situation in Gaza a “humanitarian disaster”.