Oh to have those lost, turtlenecked, possibly-not-good-but-who-knows episodes back.

7 Amazing Works of Pop Culture That Have Been Lost Forever

#6. Nearly 100 Episodes of Doctor Who (and Other Shows)

We bring up the cult sci-fi series about a reincarnating time-traveler because it’s currently missing 97 of its 800 episodes after the BBC had wiped the tapes containing them, in a foolish but noble effort to weaken the show’s fanatical fanbase, probably. It apparently didn’t work, though, because ever since then, BBC has been desperately scouring the globe for the lost episodes, some of which have turned up in attics, garage sales, far-flung former parts of the British Empire like Nigeria or Hong Kong, and the basement of a Mormon Church in London.

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I know Scotland is a small country but we are going through something massive right now. In two days there is a referendum on whether we should become an independent country.

This is big and it is important because for 300 years we have been under the thumb of various Westminster governments that we did not vote for. Governments that do not have Scotland’s interests at heart.

We have had things like the bedroom tax imposed on us (a system in which if you have a spare bedroom then you have to pay more tax for it or move to a smaller property) and we have one of the highest rates of child poverty in Western Europe. Food banks are popping up all over the place because of the cuts Westminster are making. We are in trouble. Most of our money goes straight to the South East of England never to be seen again.

We are experiencing censorship that would make Hitler proud. The BBC we all love so much are reporting lies as absolute fact and aren’t being reprimanded. This supposed unbiased news source for all of the UK.

They are telling us we can’t survive without them. We don’t have the money. We are a parasite to England. Clearly this is not true because why would they fight so hard to keep a country of “subsidy junkies”?

They tell us that our NHS is safe while thousands rally in England to try and save there’s. They say we are too weak to survive on our own. They expect us to accept the nuclear bomb located 30 miles from our biggest city (deemed too dangerous to place in England.)

I say fuck them. Fuck them.

On the 18th we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to change this and put Scotland’s affairs in Scotland’s hands. This referendum is as historic as the union all those years ago.

People of Scotland, I urge you to vote yes and end this outdated, unfair system of government. People of the world I urge you to let people know what is happening in our wee nation because Scotland will be an example for the rest of the world of how people power can actually win.

Moffat choosing Sherlock's cast:
  • Moffat:we need someone to play John's wife.
  • Moffat:wait...Martin has a partner.
  • Moffat:but who can we get ot play Sherlock's parents?
  • Moffat:wait...Benedict has parents.
  • Moffat:where are we going to find a child to play young Sherlock?
  • Moffat:wait...I have a child.
  • Moffat:man I'm good at this.

The photographer who rejected racism in the American south

By Rob Brown

At the turn of the 20th Century, life was incredibly difficult for the African-American community in the southern states of the US. But one self-taught photographer used his camera to challenge racial barriers and capture the diversity of the American South.

"I did not know my grandfather but I am very proud that he was able to capture these people in pictures - whether they were black or white, rich or poor, farmers or businessmen," says Martha Sumler.

In an era that was marked by growing racial discrimination and the introduction of what were known as the “Jim Crow” segregation laws, a relatively unknown photographer, Hugh Mangum, did a rare thing - he opened his doors to everyone regardless of their race, gender or how much money they had.

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