i always consider my fave thing about homestuck cosplay to be making the props??? yeah. theres so much potential for like fifty billion different props for homestuck characters, like seriously every character has a bunch of weapons as well as a ton of non-weapons items associated with them. and its great cause you have that much room to do whatever the heck you want.

i think the heist map and vendetta itinary are still my favourites tho. maybe sometime i’ll reboot slick and haul these along to a meet/expo :v



still salty about this game’s existence

but it’s fun

everyone here was insisting i play because at this gamestop they know me and sarah as those two chicks obsessed with dynasty warriors

bbbbbbbbbbb this talk of the manfred von karma tag made me check it so

im gonna reblog the thing it will be tagged w/ #sidney don’t look if u want to blacklist it

malchedael said:

i have been staring at this ask for like 5 minutes trying to word things because im LITERAL SHIT AT WORDS but i wanted to send u a serious one bbbbbbbbbbb so heres my shitty attempt i literally cannot find words tbh like. idk. we went from zero to hero and im so glad we just. clicked. im so happy that words cant really convey how i feel iiiii rly appreciat e u a lot and im always watching and worried when you're not well even if i can't do shit about it and !!!! :D when ur happy and and and




OMG T HIS I. Bbbbbb has really strong dokis this makes me really happy;;; tbh i’ve been thinking abotu the same the past few days and how glad i am that we’ve been talking more than usual and bbbjhsdfjaksdfh i suck with words too rn but but but. wraps around you. you’re a great friend and i appreciate you back and bbt every moment we fool around together is great.

thank you for being here.

cheek kiss. (u owe me some enrique iglesias hot times)