Ok, guys. I am really flattered and so fucking happy for all the love I have got because of my video about Boy Banders Are Hiding A Secret, but some people need to stop, it’s just a trailer, I’m just a fan, this is a harmless video. I don’t want people to go around saying it’s my fault for Blind Gossip to be gone, that the PR company is gonna have to work hard to cover this, okay. It’s crazy what some people is saying, I love you all but no, BBAHAS is not the only article in the website, there’s a hundred of article there and IF they got in trouble with someone, is not modest management. Yeah, we hate modest but not everything is their fault, Blind Gossip is probably going through maintenance.

dellajoe asked:

Hey there love! okay, I'm pretty sure you've answered this before but need to ask you again coz I totally forgot about it! So, just wanna know what's the background song for your 'boy banders are hiding a secret' video? Coz that song is the bomb I tell ya and FYI, the video was the very first larry video I've watched and I immediately became larry shipper! And it's all thanks to you! Love you to the max!!

Oh my god, glad I helped. Stay strong and never lose hope. Larry is indeed real no matter what other people try to sell you :)

The song is called Our Momentum by Icon Music :)

anonymous asked:

Hey I've tried looking through your blog to see if you've answered this before but can you tell me what the name of the music is you used for your boy banders video? It is amazing by the way! I ship Larry so much it actually hurts my heart.. *sigh* haha thanks!

I’ve answered this a lo actually. It’s called ‘Our Momentum’ by Icon Trailer.