dtkrushnics said:

hey there!! i'm the author of #BB107, and i saw your interest in it. once i saw your beautiful art, i was so frustrated that my story had already been claimed! i was wondering if you maybe wanted to, aside from your main claim, maybe do a bit of art for mine as well? or collaborate with the other artist once the masterpost goes up? it's totally up to you! anyway, thanks so much for your interest, and your art is sooo lovely. have a great day!

Okay when I first saw this, I got irrationally angry but then again, I’m a bit touchy about these things so I’m gonna assume you meant no disrespect and/or I completely misread the tone of your message.

Firstly, thank you for the nice words about my art!

Secondly, no, I don’t want to draw something for your fic. Your artist is responsible for that, and I’m sure s/he will do an awesome job!

If the artist herself wanted to collaborate with me, it would be a  completely different question but you cannot ask me to draw something for your fic (unless you wanna pay me for it, which I’m sure you don’t). You’re not my friend, we’re not in a mutual, I don’t even know you, why would I want to art for you for free?

Me wanting to claim your fic for DCBB does not mean I wanna art for you for free. DCBB is not about you getting free art from artists. It’s about making friends and the fandom collaborating to make awesome content for everyone to enjoy.

And it’s disrespectful to your artist when you say you’re “frustrated that my story had already been claimed”, you don’t get to choose who arts for you. According to the rules, you will get an artist who will make 2 pieces for you. You can’t choose your artist, not everyone can have [insert fandom famous artists’ name here] to draw for them. If you do get [insert fandom famous artists’ name here] as your artist, congrats! But if you don’t, please remember that every artist is awesome in their own right and that your artist is gonna make art for for free and you should be thankful for that.This is not a business transaction, no one is obliged to make great art you, you can’t demand things from your artist, it’s up to them what they wanna make for you. This is about having fun and making stuff to share with people who like the same things as you.

That said, have a good day! I’m sorry if I sounded a like a dick, I am sure you meant well but I have seen one too many authors complaining about how they deserve a better artist..