Another year has passed and with it so many new accomplishments. There have been beautiful duets, your own OST, a rock solo stage at your first concert and various activities showcasing your incredible voice. You’ve worked hard through good times and bad, but witnessing first hand how much you extend to the fans, giving your all I was touched. I hope you’ll keep continuing to achieve your goals in the years to follow and for today I wish you a



Vaas was really a visceral creation. Since my first audition, I knew exactly who he was and what I wanted to do with him… I don’t know how to explain it, sometimes the timing is just right and you feel an overwhelming desire to express something… And when a wonderful company like Ubisoft comes by and gives you that opportunity to just be free and create, it’s a dream come true.” (Michael Mando)

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can you do a fic where stiles and scott get deaged? i don't care about anything else in it, just have that. and only if you're comfortable doing it, and if you have time. thank you babe!

Melissa takes one look at the two toddlers and her heart immediately seizes up. Scott waddles towards her, the t-shirt too big on him, still holding Stiles’ chubby hand in his own. “Mommy!” Scott says happily, arms open wide for a hug.

"What happened?" Melissa asks, automatically picking them up in her arms. They’re all soft and round, like they just stepped right out of her memories, Scott looking all of three years old and missing his two front teeth. 

Derek frowns, looking at the two babies awkwardly. “Spell went wrong, but I need to catch up with the witches. I think Lydia found out where they are. Are you going to be okay like this for a little bit?”

Melissa bounces the boys on her hip, blinking back a tear. “I’ll be fine, Derek,” she says. Derek nods and leaves in a hurry, and Melissa sighs when Scott curls up against her neck and Stiles places a sloppy kiss on her cheek. They’re so young and unmarred by everything like this. She kind of guiltily wants them not to find the witches for awhile, just so they can have a break from all the things they’ve been through. 

"C’n Stiles stay for naptime?" Scott asks.

"Of course," Melissa says, carrying them upstairs.

"Naptime," Stiles says sleepily.

She tucks them into Scott’s bed, and they curl up in the blankets, happy little smiles on their faces, holding hands like they’re otters, afraid they’ll drift apart in their sleep.  

Shindong holds his tear back today. Everyone starts chanting Shin Donghee

Members singing shindongs song while coming out for ment

In Shindong’s VCR, he was with a mic stand singing the song and it kept showing ‘sorry’. :(

After Shindong solo we started shouting SHIN DONGHEE boys came out and Hyuk started singing and SD said aah shhhh stay quite”

Donghae put his chin on Shindong shoulder starting to act cute but Shindong still speaking he diesnt care

Shindong said he was sick and too emotional yesterday that he was even crying when dancing!

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Kyungsoo Pastel for Precious Hana