I love this shirt! I was debating if I should buy it, but the more I looked at it the more I fell in love with it. It has a upside down V back which allows for your back to show a little. Its not tight but feels nice on. The shirt kind of has a flow to it when I bend over the fabric falls exposing more of my back. It really reminds of me of my spanish background with all the colours in it. I hope you guys love this shirt as much as I do.

『Sorrow and Extinction』
(Profound Lore Records)

01. Foreigner
02. Devoid of Redemption
03. The Legend
04. An Offering of Grief
05. Given to the Grave

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The nineteen year old girl had been feeling ill for the past few weeks and just assumed it was because her period was coming, and that’s kind of what every girl assumes when they’re feeling a bit ‘under the weather’. But this time, it was different. Weeks passed, and Arabella hadn’t even recieved her period and she was starting to get worried. Being a teenage girl, it was hard  for her to typically stray away from attractive men who wanted to sleep with her. But due to her not feeling the best these past few weeks, she remembered the last boy she slept with.. Noah. It was a one night stand and was never meant to mean anything. As Arabella baught a pregnancy test she did her buisness in the bathroom and waited three minutes for the test to have clear results. All she could do was pace back and forth in her small half bathroom. As the three minutes passed she eyed the small white stick, two lines showed up.. the girl was now pregnant. She didn’t know what to think. After sobbing for an hour in the corner of her bathroom, she built up the nerve to call Noah. She was surprised that his number was even in her phone, but luckily it was. “Hey.” She paused, trying not to cry. “Do you think you could come over? I’ll text  you my adress.” As she did, she paced around her house, waiting to hear the knock on her door.


My horribly small collection of Marvel Hoodies.

  1. Iron Patriot, I couldn’t pass this one up, they were out of the Mark XLIII, but they had this beauty
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man hoodie, complete with the weird yellow eyes
  3. Deadpool, The one hoodie, I spent $60 on, becuase I needed it.
  4. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hoodie, baught this the same time as Hawkeye, but with my employee discount it was only $14 with all the sales this weekend, so I had to becuase look how pretty it is.
  5. I recently purchased the Hawkeye one, and it’s super comfy, and comes with convient detachable arms, so incase my chest gets cold but arms are hot, I’ve got everything covered. (and totally going to us it if I cosplay Kate Bishop too)