The radical MG 34 machine gun. Radical because it introduced the concept of the general-purpose machine gun, and also the use of a belt feed in a light gun. Ammunition was usually carried in 50-round belts of 7.92mm calibre, which could be linked together to form 250-round belts, or the 75-round saddle drum could be used.

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You were born to be a warrior.
The day you were born your mother gave you your armor,
and from then on, she taught you all the wrong ways to be strong.
Though she tried to prepare you, she pushed you into the battlefield
with daisies in your hair and love on your mind.
That is when it happened.
They shot arrows into your chest and severed the best parts of you,
and you believed them when they said it was for your own good.
Those civilized savages left behind scars on your pure heart,
and you learned wearing armor does not matter if they
strike you when the war is at a standstill.
But honey, I swear you are growing to be that warrior
your mother always knew you could be,
with beauty in your eyes and fire in your smile.
—  Born to Be a Warrior
Archaeologists and veterans to explore what lies beneath Waterloo Battlefield

An international team of battlefield experts, led by the University of Glasgow’s Dr Tony Pollard, will start work at farm buildings of Hougoumont in April 2015.

The research is being undertaken as part of Waterloo Uncovered, which is launching today and aims to transform our understanding of the battle that created modern Europe and ended the Napoleonic era.

Uniquely, the team will include British veterans, some wounded in recent campaigns, who will work alongside leading battlefield archaeologists and military historians. Together they hope to answer questions that remain unanswered 200 years after the battle. Read more.

I drew more of the Battledoggers, Nate, Tony, Westley(the Neeb), Simon, and Jon. Just like the Battleloggers, they each have their own personality. Nate the medic is the most level-headed and is often the voice of reason. Tony the sniper is often the victim of circumstance, most likely due to Westley’s and Simon’s incompetence on the battlefield. He also ends up telling Westley and Simon what they’re doing wrong most of the time, but much to his dismay, they almost never listen. Westley is the squad leader to their unfortunate team. His inability to do most menial tasks drives everyone in their squad crazy, except for Simon, who is Westley’s best friend. Simon is just as dismal and almost always agrees with what Westley has to say. They also have a pet cat called Furtholomeow. Jon the engineer is the one responsible for keeping track of their mission objectives. He is the most prone to fits of anger especially when Westley and Simon deviate from their missions.