Battle Shot! Orks Vs. Tau

Last weekend our good friend Fiend came down to visit.  We had alot of fun just hanging out, playing Chaos in the Old World, Space Hulk, and 40K!

We had a 1K point battle with his Orks against my Tau. The mission was Seize Ground with a Pitched Battle Deployment.

Start of the game, Fiend runs a trukk towards my hammerhead loaded with 12 boyz, which promptly gets destroyed.

My Kroot run through Lego Canyon towards the objective hidden in the jungle.

My hammerhead launches It’s submunitions at the lootas scoring a direct hit reducing the unit down to two models!

After failing to do any damage at all to the Ork Battlewagon my Crisis suits and HQ fail to get far enough away from the disembarking Nobz, Warboss, and Big Mek (counts-as).

The Nobz boss and mek Charge the crisis suits dealing plenty of wounds and knocking them right out of comission.

Ork Nobz charge past my fire warriors getting just in range of my second squad of suits and bringing them down, only to turn back for the objective they passed, taking a few wounds in the process.

After his squad of nobz was eliminated the warboss decides to seek revenge on the hammerhead, swiftly popping it with his power klaw.

All in all, a very fun game.  Tau victory holding three objectives to the Orks one.  Fiend was a tough opponent and had he done a few things differently the outcome could have definately been in his favor.



1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 294:
Alberto El Patron Vs. Johnny Mundo

Lucha Underground [May 6th, 2015]

From the second Alberto El Patron arrived in Lucha Underground, fans had been clamoring for a match featuring Patron against Lucha Underground’s high flying hero, Johnny Mundo. The tension between the two finally boiled to a head as they both battled to get a shot at Prince Puma’s Lucha Underground title. This match would propel either man toward that goal, but it wouldn’t be a walk in the park by any means. The two go to war right away, finding each other’s weaknesses and proving to the fans why they believe they’re the premier athlete in Lucha Underground. It’s amazing how these two have quite differing styles, but they mesh so well, and the fans are hot for the entire match from bell to bell. The closing moments of this match, with Mundo’s injured arm and Alberto’s stirred cranium, are some of the most intense moments in wrestling I’ve ever seen. Enjoy!


  • Full name is Tobin Powell Heath
  • Nickname is “Tobs”
  • Enjoys playing any sport, hanging out with the family and spending time outdoors
  • Also a talented tennis player
  • Loves the beach and the water and was once voted to have the “Best Tan” by her U-20 WNT teammates
  • Is still learning how to surf
  • Loves a good hamburger, as well as waffles and mango
  • Skateboarded around campus and to class at UNC
  • Enjoys all the traveling that an international player gets to do but also gets homesick
  • Starred in four much-viewed videos: “Ball Trick Battle” with Casey Nogueira when both were U-20s in 2006, “Tobin Heath: WALKABOUT” in 2008, which won’s Best Video of the Year, and “Trick Shot Battle” and “Creative Soccer Tennis” with Yael Averbuch in 2011 and 2013 respectively
  • The videos have more than 500,000 combined YouTube views.

i don’t know where i go in my dreams but i think ive visited the spirit world, maybe more than a couple times. i go many places and see a great many things in my dreams, it would make sense. jay was talking about meditating and visiting the spirit world and i remembered a few places ive been that really stuck out to me. i dream about places that i later visit in the future and i dream about places that are here but this house i used to visit is some place ive never been before. i visited it multiple times, the first when it wasn’t a house but there was just a hill and grass and trees and there was a battle there, with shots and gunfire and people sloshing through the mud and later there were trees being felled to build the house, and it was new and made of fresh clean wood and i watched as it aged over the years, all around it the trees were cut down until it was all grass and gray cracked tree stumps and dust and there was only forest in the backyard and tall trees and there was a creek that went around the side of the house and children used to play in it, if you followed it it went thru the trees and it became a waterfall down these rocks and there was a river and people in the present day go rafting and float in the water and they throw their beer cans wherever they want. but the house is old and tall and the porch creaks and many families have lived there and there are many stories and there is a parlor with yellow wallpaper and later, the last time i visited, there was a daughter getting married and everyone was happy and there was a huge party and shiny silver cars pulled up and the family was fat and had brown happy faces and beautiful clothes and jewelry and the bride was plump and overjoyed and i visited her and flew all around the house and saw the children underfoot and all the food and the relatives on the porch and i visited the attic with its little window and remembered when only trees stood here. someday i hope to drive down the gravel road and visit this place in real life i want to see it very badly.
i also remembered this place that jay and i have both visited. it is a big hole and it drops down deep underground and it is wet and dark and green and deep, deep, deep. there are bad things in there that i am quite spooked by, in particular this pale figure who lurks by the entrance of the hole and if she catches sight of me she follows me around the whole dream, stalking me and staring. jay says she is the guardian of this place. whenever i sense the hole coming around the corner in my dreams (as it appears weirdly and randomly) i do my best to avoid it.
jay is very important to me and we’ve known each other for eons and will for ages still, through whatever lifeforms we take. the other day we sat in his house and i poked fun at the spirits who flap abput the house and keep jay up at night and he told me to shush and to not encourage them , we both heard a child giggle i think his spirits don’t mind me and i like them a lot more than mine; sadly the spirits in my house are not silly or mischievous or even nice, no they’ve never been nice.

Spidey battle! Awesome shot of myself and @soilworked. Photo by @soilworked

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