BATTLE ROYALE poster by Bryan Lee O’Malley & Kevin Tong

Battle Royale SCREENING saturday february 16 in Houston TX - tickets here!

Ticket comes with one of these limited edition prints. They are full movie poster sized screenprinted art objects! (24” x 36”)

ALSO apparently via you can set up a screening in your own town and get the art print too! More info here.

Thanks to Mondo, Alamo Drafthouse and Tugg for making this possible and to Kevin Tong for doing the color work on this beast.

ADDED: The screening is now a double feature of BATTLE ROYALE & SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD for the same ticket price

Hello, everyone in Class B!!! You are the lucky class chosen for this year’s Battle Royale! Congratulations!!!” – Battle Royale (2000)

Painting from my cinema-inspired solo show, which opened June 7th at NYC’s Bottleneck Gallery! Limited edition prints available here.


Let’s Talk About Movies:

Some of the most iconic movie scenes may grosses you out - or left you chanting, ‘More! more!’

The use of blood on silver screen can be interpret in many ways. Is it an act of revenge? rebellion? brutality? or simply an act of a Psycho? For some, blood can be manipulated to be visually interesting such as the blood splatter on a delicate flower in Stoker. Or to create a sentiment to an object - such as the blood-covered polaroid in Battle Royale. Also, who can forget the iconic blood splashing on pretty prom queen Carrie? Like it or not, blood has been one of the most used key visual in the history of films, especially the bloody good ones!