…There’s a little bit of wizard in everyone. That magic’s real power was in belief. That every spell began, “I believe. I believe. I believe.” Old William picked up the two halves of Ombric’s staff and fit them back together precisely along the break. He looked at Katherine intently. She instantly understood. “Ombric’s first lesson,” she whispered. She ran her fingers along the break, smoothing the splinters down into the staff. “I believe. I believe. I believe,” she said. The deafening howl of the grief from the villagers did not abate. But through the tumult, that first lesson came back to everyone. Old William, then others, began to repeat the words. “I believe. I believe. I believe.” Over and over. And, powered by belief, the broken staff was made whole again.

"Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King", Chapter TenIn Which a Great Many Things Occur Swiftly’

Forever laughing at the Time War being “canonically” depicted as a ground-battle with ~~space laser guns~~~, constructed by basically using stock footage from Star Wars and Star Trek.

Yes, this is exactly the kind groundbreaking storytelling I have come to know and love from Doctor Who.

At least give me a creative, innovative rendition of the reboot-defining thing before you wipe it from existence. RTD, I’m sorry your army of the Could-Have-Been King and Neverweres and Nightmare Children amounted to a lasertag game. 


…And as they did so, a dark, shadowy mist began to rise up from the mouth of the bear. An inky mass began to form. It grew larger, sizzling and writhing in the morning light. Then it sharpened into a shape that towered above them. The children drew back. They’d seen this face before—in the story Ombric had showed them of the Golden Age. Looking down on them was Pitch himself. In his hands was Ombric’s carved staff, broken in two. “This is all that’s left of your precious wizard,” he sneered.