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Yosuke - Extra Cut Dialogue Social Link
  • Yosuke - Extra Cut Dialogue Social Link
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A while ago, someone mentioned that there was some cut dialogue found in the Persona 4 game with full voice acting, including piece of Yosuke’s Social Link that were changed.

Naturally I had to find out exactly was being said, and after obtaining the proper tools for the job, got into my copy of Persona 4 vanilla, found the files, made a wav of the dialogue, then edited them into mp3s and…I was not disappointed. There are a few interesting things in there including the near complete soundtrack of Persona 3 dumped right after P4’s, including testing tracks like that really weird Tartarus one and a version of Burn my Dread without lyrics.

Anyway, this post is about the entire cut dialog of the Yosuke’s social link, stringed together in almost order for your enjoyment. And because it’s posted here, as you may have guessed, it dips heavily into “this was probably a romance option” side, including reactions that you find in the girl paths, and a different way of him saying “don’t go” compared to when you finish the true ending.

It’s also really good voice acting work on Yuri’s part, and I’m pretty disappointed it was removed. When you think about it, it means something had been planned into the late stages if the voice acting work was done for it in both Japanese and English or at least be in the script Yuri was given and cut and edited for the game. Why it was removed, or where exactly it was and what they were going to do with it may depend entirely on what Atlus was planning, and what they ended up doing. Still, it’s a pretty interesting piece of trivia.

Please enjoy.

A Chinese toddler, killed during a Japanese aerial attack on civilians at the Shanghai South Railway Station during the Battle of Shanghai, is taken away from the scene. Some 1,800 people, mostly women and children, had been waiting at the railway station when the Imperial Japanese Navy had likely mistaken them for a troop movement. It is estimated that approximately 300 of the civilians at the station were killed. Shanghai, People’s Republic of China. 28 August 1937.