The Winds Of Salem; Part 50)

- Tough Target -

Bianca stares at the dagger and knows that this woman means business.

Bianca: “W-who are you!”

The woman adjusted her mask and looks at her reflection in her dagger.

Black Canary: “I live my life by the shadows.”

Bianca: “Um… Okaaaaaay then.”

Black Canary: “They call, the Black Canary!”

Bianca: “Ahhh… Witch hunter, the name sucks and you loo-“

Bianca’s insult was interrupted by a swift kick, the canary wasn’t joking… She was the real deal. Bianca clutched her stomach in pain that kick felt like a dagger itself. The canary lifted her hand back above her head with the ease of a Shang Simila assassin. She was cold and ruthless, willing to kill Bianca without a second thought. She’s an experienced killer. With the dagger at hand the Black canary throws a devious smile.

Black Canary: “Say goodbye Bianca.”

She knew Bianca’s name. The Canary throws the knife, it spins through the air. Bianca felt death whisper in her ear, but she knew she wasn’t ready to die yet. Bianca’s witch reflexes were better than she thought. Almost immediately she froze the knife mid-air. The Canary gritted her teeth in failure to kill the witch. 

Bianca was shocked, magic saved her life yet again. The dagger dropped to the floor. The canary started walking towards Bianca. If looks could kill.

Der Wüstenfuchs General (später Feldmarschall) Erwin Rommel in typischer dynamischer Haltung. Er zeigt während seines Sieges über die Briten bei Derna im Februar 1942 auf ein entferntes Ziel. Der italienische Offizier rechts spiegelt die untergeordnete Rolle, die die Deutschen seinem Land innerhalb der Achse einräumten. Die italienischen Panzer erwiesen sich im Feldzug als schwach. Immer mehr mussten die Deutschen mit ihrer Panzerwaffe erfolgreich einspringen.