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some bat/caves tour footage along with my least favorite song.

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Promo for our new release on higher life records, and me being a bitch. We were all drunk, except mike. enjoy.

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this is my band and this is me looking mad

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My boyfriend and I play music together. Bat/caves at tour de fun playing secret control

Bat/Caves and Villes Tour 2012/2013

December 29th 2012 - we played at some place called Blackwater music in Albuquerque, NM. It was with a bunch of those hardcore bro bands. Interesting to say the least, however people did like us, and we did sell merch. There was a hype guy, it was pretty weird, he was a smart ass. They didn’t serve any alcohol. We left the show, ate some pizza, then went gambling at the hard rock casino. None of us won anything. We slept in a hotel that night and watched Tommy Boy.

December 30th 2012 - We all woke up and watched CSI. Took showers, ate leftover pizza. Then we got in the van and Mike went to skate the indian school ditch. The rest of us smoked a joint. I ate peanuts then talked to Rob on the phone. When Mike finished skating we drove to Scottsdale, AZ. On the drive we played a couple of games in the van, got some great inside jokes. It was snowing a lot in Scottsdale, everything was covered in white, it was beautiful. It was night time when we got in. We met our friend Patrick and he took us to the Big House where we were staying. He took us to a mexican place for some burritos. We drank beer and they played the Bat/Caves EP and the Villes EP on the radio from the house, an FM radio station. Then we all went to sleep, it was pretty cold.

December 31st, 2012 - We went to eat Denny’s in the morning. Farsh and I had the Hobbit breakfast, which was amazing, but we both had gnarly farts n stuff. We hung out at a Barnes N Noble to steal wifi and hang out for a bit. Then we went back to the house and watched regular show. Then we began to watch Dexter, and I got these dudes hooked on it now. I got to play a Theremin on new years eve, probably the greatest way to end 2012. Then we ate some pizza, drank some beer, and headed to our show. We played a house show and it was packed. Probably the best show that Bat/Caves and Villes played during our tour. We didn’t sell much merch, but we made some fat cash. We saw a drunk girl get punched in the face too.

January 1st, 2013 - We woke up and headed to Vegas. As we passed by Hoover dam Mike started yelling at tourists, “NERDS NERDS NERDS! FUCKING NERDS!” and I farted the fart of doom that out-farted all the dudes. We got to Vegas and got lost looking for Farsh’s aunts house. When we got to her house we all showered and she made us awesome food. We went to the strip and lost a lot of money and got shitty. Farsh forgot his phone and Daniel passed out in the van.

January 2nd, 2013 - Hung out at Farsh’s aunts house. We all caught colds except for Daniel. Farsh’s aunt made us bad ass food and tea. Farsh left to go help his aunt with errands, Mike fell asleep and Daniel and I kept watching Dexter. We left to go eat at some diner with Farsh’s cousins, then we went back to his aunts house. 

January 3rd, 2013 - We left to LA and talked about how many people died in the desert we were driving through. In LA we accidentally took the wrong freeway and got lost for a bit. We stayed with Martin and Jasmine our whole time in LA, and their cats Richie and Bobby. We went to the gold room and got a few drinks. Then we left to Martin and Nick’s practice space and hung out there for a while. Then we all went home and went to sleep.

January 4th, 2013 - We all woke up and went to go eat at Smokin Willies. Nicks dad owns the truck so he hooked it up with some grub, awesome grub. Then we went to Guitar Center to buy a drum head and replace a cable. Then we went to Amoeba and I found a lot of cool records. Then we took off back to the house then to our show at Tribal Cafe. It went well, and we sold a good amount of merch that night. We went to some bar then ate King Taco after.

January 5th, 2013 - We watched Martin make a video for his aunts birthday, and we all laughed at it. It was pretty awesome. We went to eat In-n-out and then went back to martins. Watched some Bobs Burgers and then went to hang out with Farsh’s old room mates. Drank some dranks, ate some Za, then went to meet up with Nick and the dudes. We took off to our show in the city of Industry. We played at some bar, I think the Salvadorian, and it was right next to a strip club. We had to rush our set, but it was still fun, we sounded terrible though. Everyone was drunk except for mike and I. We ate more tacos before going home, it was raining that night.

January 6th, 2013 - We all woke up mega late but we went to go eat at Roscoes chicken and waffles. Parking sucked though, and this security guard was being a jerk with us. The food was bomb though, and we saw Tia and Tamara, aka Sister Sister. Then we went to the house we were playing at that night to help clean up and whatnot. This was the only night on tour that I got pretty drunk, but sobered up pretty fast. I met Nicks friend Sam, and we talked about horror movies. After the show we went to go eat tai food and played a game in Nick’s car, DLo and Sam kicked our ass though. Once someone talks to me about horror movies, I never shut up. We all went back to Martins and everyone fell asleep except for Nick, Sam, Mike, and myself. Nick gave me some weed and they took off and we slept.

January 7th, 2013 - We woke up and said bye to Jasmine and Martin, and the cats. We drove to Scottsdale, AZ and kinda got lost trying to find the I-10. We ate at Del Taco in the middle of nowhere California and when I went to the bathroom, the sink was covered in blood. Id rather live with unwashed hands instead of getting someone else’s blood on my hands. Once we got to Tempe, we all had to pee real bad so we stopped at a CVS to use it. We walked on mill for a while, then went to eat In-n-out (yes, again). Then we took off to our show at the Rogue bar, which was dead. A real cool place, but a shitty turn out. After we finished playing, I wanted to go home but these dudes wanted to grab more beers. So they went to some bar at Mill and I fell asleep in the van while mike skated around. We stayed at Mike’s friends house for the night.

January 8th, 2013 - We woke up and drove home. Ate our last In-n-out meal and didn’t get home til around 10 or so. We watched regular show on the drive and wanted to watch dexter but Farsh was missing an episode on his computer. Oh the agony.

My first tour experience was awesome. Bat/Caves will be releasing a split with stripper pussy soon, and we will hopefully do a summer tour with them as well. 2013, be good to me <3

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They’re gonna come find you.

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Bat/Caves lives….we haz a show next month and plenty of surprises. Here’s a show we played in LA, the audio is a bit off though.

Still recovering from last night. I didn’t go to my first class today because waking up at 7 just didn’t happen. It was an excellent show. I’m still so blown away by how wonderful people are. It’s nights like last night that make me happy. Great people, fun music, fun times. #batcaves #batslashcaves #elpaso #properprintshop (Taken with Instagram)