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Batman: Arkham Knight “All Who Follow You” Trailer


New Batman Arkham Knight trailer and screens

Batman is bringing some friends with him in his latest adventure in Gotham. Nightwing, Catwoman, Robin are back in Arkham Knight. Batman: Arkham Knight will have a new “Dual Play” feature, which will allow players to seamlessly switch between The Dark Knight and his allies including Robin, Nightwing, and Catwoman in FreeFlow Combat. How exactly this works is sort of vague but hopefully they’ll explain more in time. 

'Batman: Arkham Knight - All Who Follow You' Trailer Officially Released

‘Batman: Arkham Knight – All Who Follow You’ Trailer Officially Released

After several days of buildup, WB has dropped the new trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight, titled “All Who Follow You.” Featuring returning fan favorites from Arkham City such as Nightwing, Robin, and Catwoman, this trailer will take Batfans on a roller coaster ride of emotion. Not only that, Azrael returns to affirm that his prophecy will come true. Apparently, you will be able to switch…

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Batman Arkham Knight - “All Who Follow You” - Official Trailer [HD]


Official Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer - “All Who Follow You”

As if you needed more reason to be excited about this game …

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Batman  Arkham Knight Allies Trailer

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Nightwing Teaser for Batman: Arkham Knight Revealed

As we expected, another short trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight has been released. In it, we see Nightwing in full uniform simplystaring into the camera. We’ve seen him in the last Rocksteady title as DLC content in Arkham City, so it’s not much of a surprise that he’s making an appearance in Arkham Knight. This time, it seems he’ll have more of an impact on the gameplay and storyline by joining the fight for Gotham.

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