La Muerte batik!
Ya know what’s trend today in here, Indonesia? Fandom batik!

((Use the clear version <Coz it’s better than the repeat sample> and credit me If you use it for wallpapers and others))

Before ya scream that I’m racist, I’m gonna tell ya:

Batik is the style of clothing pattern that is native to Indonesia before we got Buddhism and Hinduism. All tribes here use it and it’s different depends to personalities, cultures, nature, and inner souls. Today, since the world water mark it officially as ‘made in Indonesia’, we wear these every day and every Friday. Even we wear these as school uniform costumization that means fabulous fashion trend. Pants, bags, shirts, don’t care. And… Some nerds use this patterns as their pride for being themselves and for the fandom. Nowadays, I can see my neighbors wearing batiks with Attack on Titan drawings, manga stuffs, Frozen drawings, Mickey Mouse patterns, their fav sport teams and more things that they like.

We don’t care what kind of events we wear these. Presidents, celebs, kings, and royal members also wear batik.

So I represent ya, La Muerte batik.

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