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Young Justice/BatFamily Intro

By: zmikey08z

Notes: This is so brilliant! The BatFamily everyone (well half of them ^.^)

What I mean about Stanley Lau is...

The realism he goes for can at times make his work seem stiff and lifeless. 

Both women’s hair blowing in different directions without cause. No real relation to the ground they’re standing on. It looks like it’s raining, but they’re both dry. 

This one in particular really bothered me. I don’t like the fighting while falling dynamic to begin with. It’s rarely executed well. Here the anatomy on Babs being a mess doesn’t help. She is bother blocking a punch and kicking someone above her head? Really? Who sees this and goes “Woah look at how cool that is”? 

And what sucks about this is that this feels like a push from the editors, in particular Didio. His pieces pre-boot, while not without their problematic elements, had very real life to them. 


I mean that’s a pretty damn good cover. And he had a similar one when that frequency was turning people into slaves where she was being pulled down by them. Those pieces showed an actual struggle where the detail really helped. 

And I’m not just trying to say how much I miss the Steph covers. He did a Batman one I love with Bruce and Dick as Batman, a great cover of Justice League Beyond with Terry and Clark. And I feel like Shelley would kill me if I didn’t share the Flash cover he did

What I am trying to say is that we’re all really angry about the direction the writing has gone in the reboot, but there’s also a pretty solid case to be made that the editors at DC are pushing all art in a direction. They’re not trying to play to artist’s strengths. They’re not trying to create the best product. They are trying to get artists to conform to their vision and the results are pretty terrible

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A fan-made Stephanie Brown webseries.

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Sigh. The Batgirl TV show we all want, but somehow I fear we’ll never see. Come on DC, you’re putting Babs back in the tights, relaunching your entire universe, trying to capture new readers, how is this not the perfect time to bring out a Batgirl animated series?!

Oh well. Check out this clip from an upcoming episode of Batman: The Brave and The Bold where Bat-mite imagines the television series that could be.

REVIEW: Batgirl 34

As they say, all good things must come to an end. This is Gail Simone’s last issue of Batgirl. Since she knew it was coming, she at least got a chance to tie up loose ends. This issue pits Batigrl and her allies against Knightfall and her henchmen. It’s a big fight, but it’s a smart fight. Batgirl thinks with far more than her fists here.

Since it’s Gail saying goodbye, she works in a lot of…

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