animalempathy said:

At least she was more prepared this time. After turning on the news to take a break from her studies, there was a live coverage about a terrorist threat to several places in Gotham's high points of the city. A hotel, a restaurant, a business, and the bus depot. The message for the threats wasn't clear, and with one of the buildings full of panicked people didn't make it any easier. She ran with her costume on, mask concealing her face, and went to the closest spot first. Batman can wait.

Batman, Robin, and Batgirl were all at the sight.


"Good, you made it."

TT Batgirl the BdayGirl

So I just learned it’s Barbara Gordon’s birthday (Oracle, Batgirl)
My first thought was: OMG she’s born the 23rd of September. I’m born a 23rd too!!!! Only one month difference. Me and Barbara same-same but different!!!! Ok so what if I don’t save Gotham from pesky annoying mean guys? What if I wasn’t shot and put in a wheelchair and still manage to be an awesome part of of the Bat Kickass Family? Nightwing is a bit of a slut. I totally could get him to make out with me!!!

And then I had to remind myself that: she does not exist… and that I was getting my panties in a bunch over us sharing a number…

And…now I’m sad.

Happy Bday Bestie! When you are done rolling in da city on your BatBike, give me a shout, we’ll go get Ice Cream. Strawberry’s still your fav? Extra cherry on top.