Wrap it Up it Up DC Style with New Bombshell Robes

DC Comics’ Bombshells are hugely popular and have generated a boatload of merchandise (and I can’t wait to see the merchandise from this) from statues to buttons to glasses and now - silk robes. Available for order through Previews and you local LCS, the robes are priced at $48.00. Sizing is the standard S/M L/XL. Wish these vendors would make merchandise in larger sizes so more folks can’t enjoy.

I already have a nice fluffy Wonder Woman bathrobe but perhaps I need a lighter weight one for the warmer months.

What do you think?

My favorite DC Comics Bombshell has a figure coming in Fall 2015: Batwoman! I had just the art by Ant Lucia to go off of at the time when I made this, so it’s exciting to see her in all her 3D glory Emoticono grin 

I cosplayed her alongside my fellow Bombshells Abby Dark-StarMeagan Marie, and Golden Lasso Cosplayat SDCC 2014! 

Photo by Robbins Studios Photography and Fine Art

Portrait of A Young Batgirl (2015)


Ok so after I drew the Nightwing portrait some months ago, I immediately wanted to draw more of the bat children, starting with none other than Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl. Part of why it took so long was because hair is such a bitch to draw (although it didn’t take as long to actually draw the hair than it did refusing to draw it) and because I kept debating myself on whether I should have drawn her as Oracle instead. Anyway…

I used Karen Gillan as the model. We all agree that she should totally play Babs in the DCCU, right?