Dylan, it wasn’t like that, you have to believe me.  I was so scared, you have no idea.  I had no one to protect me. I was a little girl.  I was a kid.  My father scared the crap out of me. My mother was sedated all the time.  My brother would not leave me alone. I had to get away. I had no voice to tell him not to do it. I had no power to stop him.  I wanted to stop him. God knows I wanted to stop him.  I wanted to tell him to leave me alone. I wanted to tell him. I wanted to tell him to leave me alone.  This is not your fault, but it’s not my fault either. 


He’s your brother. He’s your family.Oh, I know exactly who he is and what he is. He raped me, Dylan. He raped me.  Over and over, every day, for years.You’re unbelievable, Norma, you know that? I never met this man before yesterday. Never even knew that I had an uncle; and already he’s been nicer to me than you have ever been. Told me more than you ever have.