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Poetz, would you please make a drabble where Kurt comes home to the Bushwick apartment and sees Quinn naked and asleep on Rachel's bed, and Rachel's horrified he came home early and says, 'I can explain,' pretty pretty please i beg with ice cream?

Not A Care In the World

Quinn Fabray is not in his kitchen!

She’s also not in her clothes! Kurt doesn’t quite react fast enough to avoid seeing every inch of Quinn when he breezes into Rachel’s bedroom, thinking he’ll find his roommate frantically tearing through her makeshift closet in search of the perfect outfit for her date tonight with Quinn.  

Who is naked.

In Rachel’s bed.  


“Oh, my God!” he squeaks, slapping a hand over his eyes and spinning around as he attempts to blindly stumble out of the room without getting tangled up in the curtain. “Oh, my God!” he repeats, trying to ignore the shadowy image of pale skin and lady bits that’s currently burned into the back of his eyelids.    

When he unexpectedly slams into a body, he screams, thinking that Quinn had somehow caught him and is about to tackle him (naked) to the floor and beat him to death for creeping on her while she was sleeping, but a hand is immediately pressed over his mouth as Rachel hisses, “Be quiet.”

Kurt drops his hand from his eyes and stares at Rachel.  “Qui eh aykeh eh u beh,” he mumbles into her palm, causing her eyebrows to furrow before she removes her hand.


“Quinn is naked in your bed,” he tells her needlessly.  Her eyes widen, and her face turns a deep crimson.  

“I can explain,” she says in a rush, trying to drag him away from her bedroom.

“The nudity is fairly self-explanatory,” he muses, finally beginning to recover from his shock. He hadn’t thought that they’d progressed that far in their relationship yet, but good for them if they had.

Rachel shakes her head. “No. It’s…  She was dirty.”

Kurt slaps his hands over his ears this time. “I don’t want the details.”

Rachel glares at him as she grabs his wrists and drags his arms down. “She was splashed by a truck on the street, and her dress got covered in sludge. It’s currently in the laundry downstairs.”

Kurt raises his eyebrows. It seems like a plausible explanation, except, “What happened to her underwear?”

Rachel blushes again. “She wanted to take a shower. I…I offered to wash her undergarments as well.”

“Oookay,” Kurt drawls. “But I’m still having trouble with the naked in your bed part. Because she is,” he reminds her with a grin.

“She…um…she must have fallen asleep when I was downstairs,” Rachel speculates, her eyes darting all around the room.

Kurt’s grin grows into a smirk. “Rachel, sweetie?”


“You do realize that you’re currently only wearing a silk robe that really doesn’t cover much of anything?” he points out, fully taking in her appearance—complete with mussed hair.

Rachel huffs, pulling her robe tighter around her body and scowling darkly at him. “You…we…I…damn it, Kurt!  You weren’t supposed to be home for another hour,” she growls, turning on her heel and stalking into her bedroom before closing her curtain with a dramatic flourish.  

Kurt laughs, and then he decides to go back out and forage for dinner, because he really doesn’t want to be in the apartment with Quinn and Rachel naked in the bedroom.

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I need this song to be in a fanvid for any of my ships…


I T   H A D   T O   B E    Y O U  for the request of an anon

“Do you ever wonder if the person you’re destined to be with is right in front of you? That we’re all just too blind, because we’re afraid of what we might see?” 

Quinn Fabray is many things; head-cheerleader, pretty, blonde, pretty, an honours student, and pretty. She wasn’t what her parents had hoped for - she isn’t some religious, celibate Catholic school girl. She is the first openly gay student at Mckinley High, coming out before Brittany and Santana had the chance to finish their quickie in the Janitor’s Closet. 

Of course, being raised by two gay dads and attending LGBT pride parades a few times a year would never make Rachel Berry ignorant. There was nothing different between heterosexual people and homosexual people, because ultimately; they are still people. Quinn shocked her, how the blonde could sway her hips from side to side and make straight girls want to be ‘gay for Fabray’. Rachel would never fall in to her hazel eyed trap, not in a million years - not even if someone bribed her with a dinner for two with Barbra Streisand. 

Funding for the musical and dramatic arts had fallen a bit short this year, so short that the annual school bake sale wouldn’t be enough. Finn Hudson, in that grilled cheesus head of his suggested a kissing booth. The teens at Mckinley liked all things that had to do with kissing, sex and touching under-the-shirt-but-above-the-bra. It was a great way to raise money, but also the number one cause of mono in the history of American education. 

Each glee club member had their turn at the booth - one dollar, one kiss was all they asked for. Finn didn’t have as big of a line up as he had hoped for, there was adorable Becky and a few more but not as much as Quinn. The head cheerleader surpassed the quarter back, with a line stretching till the school library and Brittany being at the very front. Some would call Quinn a stud, maybe even a ‘babe slayer’ but Rachel would have no part of it. 

Rachel’s time had come, sooner than she would have wanted it to. She could never get mono, not when the world needed her voice the most. The very first in line wasn’t Jacob Ben Israel, it was pretty blonde cheerleader Quinn Fabray herself. 

“So are you going to kiss me, or will I have to do it myself?” Quinn’s voice is sultry, slow and a bit intimidating.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Rachel’s brows knitted together. Not that Quinn lips repulsed her, they were actually very beautiful but there was not an ounce in her tiny Jewish body that would send her swooning.

“Look, you said at the beginning of the year that you wanted all of us to really be part of this club. Consider this as my contribution.”  Quinn leaned over the table, gently placing one hand on Rachel’s cheek. 

Fireworks, that’s how their kiss felt like. Bright, booming colours of fire and light. Quinn swiped her tongue over Rachel’s lips as she asked for entrance. The head cheerleader’s plea was answered with the brunette’s parting lips. 

“Hmm, Rachel Berry tastes like berries, no surprise there.”  Quinn had pulled away too soon for Rachel’s liking. Shoving a bill down the jar, the blonde leaves the booth with a little sway on her hips. 

Rachel pulled the bill from the jar, it wasn’t a George Washington - it was an Alexander Hamilton. Quinn Fabray just put ten dollars down for one kiss.   

The bill had cute, cursive writing that read. ’We should go out sometime, I promise it won’t be Breadstix.’ - Quinn. 

“Your mother is such a dork.” Now in present day, Rachel still tastes like berries and likes to tell her daughter about the first time Mommy had asked her on a date. 

“But I’m your dork.” Quinn kisses Beth goodnight and playfully slaps her wife’s bum. 

So maybe Rachel did go gay for Fabray. 

After standing around for a while taking portraits of Gaston, he asked me who my favorite prince was and was convinced he could prove himself better than anyone I named and make me fall in love with him. I told him I liked Flynn Rider and he goes “What’s that stupid thing he does with his face? Not when he gets hit with the frying pan, the other thing.” and I was like “the smoulder…?” And he goes “Oh yeah, I taught him that. I can do it so much better” and then proceeded to do this and asked “Are you swooning yet?” I told him Flynn did it better and he literally told me “Well you know what? Look who’s still standing here taking portraits of me after meeting me and swooning in my arms when I told her I would marry her if Belle rejects me. Oh right, it’s YOU.”


Y O U    M A K E   M E   F E E L   L E S S   A L O N E

“I’ve never had anyone take so much interest in me before.” 

Acceptance, above all else has become Quinn Fabray’s most difficult struggle. When she looks at Rachel Berry, a shining beam of talent, her envy becomes admiration. The two girls would never work, they would never become friends simply because the social hierarchy would never allow it. They may sing and dance during glee club, but that won’t stop a cold slushy running down Rachel’s face. 

She couldn’t admit it, but Quinn doesn’t just watch Rachel’s myspace videos to ridicule her. Quinn watches her videos because it makes her smile. When she sees that Rachel has posted her instant messaging address online, Quinn poses as another person seeking to become her friend. Rachel questions the stranger, asking if this is all some huge trick and that she won’t fall for it. 

Quinn is determined to earn Rachel’s trust, and the two start talking each day. Their conversations are filled with life experiences, fears, joys and sometimes moments of sadness. Rachel tells Kurt of this stranger that has helped her on days when she feels like she can’t even walk in the school without being teased. Quinn is jealous of the fake identity she has created, wishing that it was the real her that talked to Rachel every day. 

Rachel divulges to the stranger online about her thoughts on suicide and self harm. She states that no one really cares for her, that some have wished for her death. Quinn begins to panic, scared that Rachel might actually give the students of Mckinley what they want. It is that moment where the blonde realizes that she loves Rachel, but her feelings risks the reputation she has worked so hard to create.