Sonic Universe #70

(W) Ian Flynn (A) Jim Amash, Tracy Yardley (CA) Tracy Yardley & Various

The first ever Sonic universe trilogy reaches its stunning conclusion in ‘Total Eclipse,’ Part Four! Knuckles and Shadow must end their duel because Eclipse has escaped with the Master Emerald! Can the two chaos-fueled warriors stand up to the power of the Dark Arms? Knuckles may be forced into the one choice he doesn’t want to make! Don’t miss the sense-shattering finale that will change the shattered world crisis and the Sonic comic landscape as we know it! Featuring stunning new cover art from Yardley, Amash and Hunzeker, plus an awesome SEGA art variant featuring two of the biggest ‘Total Eclipse’ stars: Knuckles and Rouge!

I did not expect, while taking a shower this morning, to have a bat crawl across my foot. (And it didn’t help that I don’t shower with my glasses on and am very myopic, so all I could tell was that it was SOMETHING dark-colored and crawly.)

Clio did not expect to be awakened by my high-pitched screams.

So this is up and running on the Facebook page for the next week, head over, give The Crypt a like and enter to be in with a chance of winning everything in the picture! :)

Contest closes August 29th 2014 at 8pm UK time. 



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