I had a quick chat with Sébastien van Malleghem about why he is crowdfunding a photobook following his three years photographing prisons in Belgium.

It’s over at Vantage: Making Photos Inside To Bring The Stories Out

In short, this:

“The book is, for me, the closure of the story. Photographs must end on paper. That’s how the medium exists — in print. On paper, with full context, you can touch the pictures, understand the whole story. Things fade away on the Internet. Clicked, Like, then something else. Good photos in a book stick to your head. The largest part of my photo story will be exclusive to the book.”

anonymous asked:

So I gave Vivienne the wyvern heart and the guy still died?? Did I do something wrong? Should I have given her the fake heart? Did she poison him?

Hi Nonny, she did not poison him! Duke Bastien dies either way. If you give Vivienne the snowy wyvern heart, he will live long enough to say words of farewell to her. If you give her the wrong heart, the potion will poison him and Vivienne will not be happy, naturally. 

I found it strange that giving him the correct potion would still result in his death, with little explanation from Vivienne either way, but later Bastien’s daughter says that he was suffering from a terminal illness and it “was simply his time.” If you’re her friend, Vivienne will give you a custom ring (not equipment, but a gift) for helping her. 

The Penny Dropped musicvideo starring our beloved up and coming actress Audrey Bastien. You better check her out.

photo credit : Emilien Fresson