I figured I would leave this here, being that it is April Fool’s Day. I created this polymer clay sculpture on the inside of a 9" x 12" basswood canvas as a meditation of the Thoth tarot deck April 2013 and this is the first time I’m showing it! I’m currently in the process of painting the Magus card and hope to complete the 22 trumps eventually. “Pure folly is the Key to Initiation.”

“Luna P. Magic!”

Chibiusa has the best toy/friend in the world. 

My original art piece for “Meatball Head”! You guys gonna come? It’ll be an amazing show, so many lovely artists!

YOU GUYS SHOULD REALLY COME! This Saturday! 7pm-10pm! Be there!

(Thank you to Jacob for his amazing photograph work, this is probably the longest painting I’ve done)



So, first off, I have finally decided to use this tumblr as my “art” blog or whatever people do. I will be updating it as frequently as I can. Mostly progresss photos I guess but idk it could be fun.

I have finally made an etsy ( and will be posting some listings within the next few days. Just gotta get organizeddddddddd.

It would be super cool to hear what people think! aka please tell me why it sucks so it can stop

To those of you who asked about my bass…

The bass project started somewhere back in 2012  when the idea came up to actually build a bass instead of just buying one (I had always used my dad’s bass to practise on, so it was about damn time to have my own). 
Due to a low budget, we (a friend of my mother who happened to be a very experienced all-round guitar dude) decided on building it out of basswood and palisander. 
At first we made the basswood (after layers and layers of white priming) a dark blue color, but after we saw a video on someone putting a Steve Vai swirl on a guitar, we knew we wanted to take that to a different level. We managed to get our hands on two pounds of borax (not legal in every country!), and glow-in-the-dark oil paint. 
It was our very first attempt at making a swirl, so from up close you can see that it is blodgy in some places, but whatever, it’s still cool as fuck. 

The pickguard was actually just a plain square mirrorplate before sawing the dolphin figure out by hand. Instead of the usual Fender bridge we replaced it with a (yes, that’s its name) Badass. 

That same friend also happens to be an engineer, so he managed to build in black LED lights above and underneath the pickups (who are made by guitarfetish by the way). I have a tiny switch placed between the tone and volume to turn the LED’s on and light up from underneath the strings. In a dark room it lights up the whole lower part of the bass and looks funky as hell.

You can’t really see it on this picture, but we named it the Padawan because it is the first bass that I ever built. Some day I plan on taking this bass building thing to a professional level, but luthier school won’t happen until a few years from now until after I’ve moved to the states (which will most likely happen in 2015). 

If you have any question, feel free to ask. 

Peace out. Fuckyeahbassguitars.

P.s. strings by DR.