I am so torn about Mayuzumi’s character! i love and loathe him!!

On the one hand: That face, those eyes, that hair. I love the Rakuzan team, and he is part of it and frankly Akashi helped him discover his talent (though it was only for his own gain but that’s besides the point) so really it isn’t his fault  And events in the future make me feel so bad for him!!! and then he does something THAT I WILL BE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL FOR OMG.

On the other Hand: I am totally, utterly and 100000000% completely Kuroko biased. Like I have a hard time accepting anyone else can use misdirection BUT THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT OF MAYUZUMI LIZU. In some instances I’m not keen on his personalty but it’s nothing i wouldn’t get over. Basically I’m just salty and he sometimes just rubs me the wrong way.

Like he’s one I’d enjoy having a chat with so I could probe his mind and get a solid opinion of him!

You looked out the window of the taxi at the gloomy and rain ready sky. It suited the day and your mood perfectly

Today was an anniversary. An anniversary you would never get over. An anniversary that impacted your life terribly.

Today was the anniversary of your father’s death.

It was a car accident. A teenage drunk driving incident that killed your father and left your mother disabled, in the most vegetative state.

You sighed as you remembered the day it happened 5 years ago. You had just gotten home from school, happy and excited from the party you had. You would never forget your brother’s face then. How broken and miserable he looked as he told you what happened. You dropped the cupcakes basket you brought for your family and as each one dropped so did the pieces of your heart.

The only thing you could remember from that day was the question you had asked your brother.

“Jin oppa what will happen from now on?”

You didn’t get an answer which you configured meant the worst.

“Ma'am we’re here.” The taxi driver’s voice cut through your thoughts. You thanked him, paid him and went your way through the cemetery.

From then on after your father’s funeral, you and your brother had started working small jobs to keep the family going. You had been a somewhat poor family so there wasn’t much saved up anyway.

As you made your way to your father’s grave you recalled all the stuff you and your brother went through. Survival as you called it.

If there was one thing that came out of those events, it was that now you were a stronger person. Independent, reliable and hardworking.

You bent down to your father’s grave, putting the flowers to the side and read a small prayer.

You smiled at the tombstone

“A loving husband and father of two.” You read aloud

He was such a loving man. To whoever came across him, whether it was some unpleasant or pleasant he always smiled.

“Mom, dad. I miss you so much. I have nothing in this world without you. I have no where to live and no one will take me in either.”

You turned your head to a boys voice, somewhat younger than you. He was sitting on another grave holding a blanket and crying.

You walked over to him and sat down looking at the tombstone

It was broken and there was nothing written there. You looked at the crying boy and reached out to hold him

“What happened to your parents?” You asked him softly

He hiccuped and tried to collect himself, “C-car a-accident.”

Same as you

“I-I m-miss them so much.” He spoke again wiping his tears

You rubbed his back, “What’s your name?”


“I heared what you were saying earlier Jungkook. About having nowhere to go.”

Junkook looked at you, his eyes still glazed over with unfallen tears.

“Do you want to live with noona?” You asked cautiously

Jungkook stayed quiet before speaking again

“Do you have someone here?”

You were surprised by his suddenly mature tone.

“Yes. My dad. He died from a car accident too.”

Jungkook nodded his head, “Your mom?”

“Paralyzed in the hospital.”

He shook his head again

You watched him get lost in his thoughts before they glazed over again

He turned to you slowly, “Will you take care of me? Will I get a home?”

Your heart broke at his tone and question. Leaning forward you wrapped your arms around him pulling him closer, “Of course I will. I will love you with all my heart and make sure you never starve and feel lonely ever again.”

You felt Jungkook’s body tremble and he started sobbing loudly

You hugged him tighter

“I’ll come! I’ll stay with noona!” He managed to yell out between his sobs

You kissed the top of his head hoping that not only would your brother approve but also your several paychecks

I wanna do a modern AU where Elizabeth moves into this really rich and posh neighborhood after her dad’s business gets successful and stuff and she’s next door neighbors with Ciel and she notices that he’s almost always grumpy and that makes her really sad so one day she decides to use her mad baking skills to like, make up this huge basket of goodies (cookies, cupcakes, candy, etc.) because she heard from his friend Alois he likes sweets and then afterwards, when she catches Ciel outside maybe reading under the shade, Elizabeth goes over there and introduces herself and gives him the basket and then afterwards they just end up sitting there talking and becoming friends and kahdiusishd

zhanghime asked:

Basket of cupcakes--

Send me a gift that represents your feelings

Basket of cupcakes:“Hi, nice to meet you!”

“Thanks, man.” Benji loved sweets. The old adage, ‘a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ certainly held true for him. With one exception: “… There’s no chocolate in these, right?”

studs-lace-and-leather asked:

Basket of cupcakes: "Hi, nice to meet you!"

This particular day had been his weekly cleaning routine, where he meticulously organized and cleaned, every inch of his study, so that he could make room, in case any important documents, or folders arrived to him.  However, in the midst of cleaning, he’d looked up, and suddenly noticed…a basket? On his desk…? Someone had left a gift, for him?

“How curious…” He gently traced the note on the basket, with two fingers.  “The sweets are indeed, appreciated, but I need to watch my diet.  It was a very thoughtful gift, though.”

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