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Is Vincent a Baskerville (and by extension, immortal)? Everyone says he is but I can't recall seeing any explicit proof that he's one, like Gilbert.

Yep, he is. He is a CoM in the Baskerville Household and he is also labeled as a Baskerville (as well as a Nightray) in the 18.5 Evidence Guidebook (the same as Gil). Zai, who seemed to have been an Unofficial Baskerville, was only shown to be a Vessalius and not a Baskerville at all.

However, Baskervilles aren’t immortal, they are just difficult to kill by normal means because they are more Chain than human. This means that they could be killed by Mad Hatter, which kills other Chains and was how Fang died. They can also be killed by beheading (hello there Oswald!) or by being sacrificed to the Abyss in the Glen Succession Ceremony (though this only applies to Baskervilles who are also CoM). The last way we definitely know that they can die, is by their body rotting away due to the power of the Abyss residing in them, though this only appears to apply to Glens (who have five Chain contracts). They then transform into Chains, so in a way, they are reincarnated.

Other than those ways though, Baskervilles can’t really die.

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if baskervilles can't really die, what is their expected lifespan in normal circumstances??? (ie, do you believe they die of old age?)

They can die. If they are beheaded they die. If they get attacked and fatally wounded by Mad Hatter (or another Chain that can kill other Chains) then they can die. I also think that their contract with their Chains eventually cause their bodies to rot away (like what happened with Levi), due to the high levels of the Abyss’ powers in their body.

But as for life expectancy…IDK. That would be a great question to ask Mochizuki-sensei though!

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About the Lottie/Glen thing, they met after Lacie and he remarks about not seeing her before. I think most of the Baskervilles we know came after Lacie’s death. I feel like each Glen gets his own set of servants…What do you think?

Awesome! (^0^)b I couldn’t recall that, so thank you! And I agree. I do think that each Glen gets their own set of servants (outside of, say, Jury, who is a “servant” for each and every Glen, so to speak). Celia was probably one of Levi’s servants, which is why we don’t know much about her, except in connection to Levi and Humpty Dumpty.

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So did Lotti,Doug,Fang,lily,and Noise joined the Baskervilles after Lacie's death? Did Celia also joined after Lacie's death?

I don’t know. I can’t recall if Lacie was still alive when Lottie first met Oswald (and got lipstick on his clothes! XD) I just remember that Jack was around (obviously) and for the others we aren’t really given a clear indication of when, exactly, they joined up. Lily likely became a Baskerville and got taken in after Lacie, but I really don’t know about the others. Especially Celia. I’m not the manga-ka, so I only know as much as the next fan and what we get from the manga and supplementary materials like fanbooks/guidebooks, and just as the fandom knows next to nothing about Celia, I, too, know next to nothing about her! XD

If anyone has an answer for this anon, please feel free to respond! ^-^