I ate an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s last night in like 20 minutes.
I guess my body is just gonna let that one slide and pretend it never happened??? Nice.

REMINDER: Your body knows exactly what to do with excess calories. Don’t worry if you fuck up, sometimes! Your body can pick up the slack. Be kind to yourself. & remember…if you’re working hard, you gotta play hard too.✌🏼

From just a straight-up artistic, creative, and dramatic perspective, I have so much faith in the generation that is coming up, and young women are very inspiring to me. The way that some women are using their capital, and figuring out what their currency is—‘What do I want to do with the currency that was either earned or given to me?’ And when people use it in an unexpected or empowering way, or they add value… because it’s not always someone’s first instinct or the easiest path.
—  SMNTY patron saint Amy Poehler (to Vanity Fair) is super excited about the girls and women coming up behind her