The Winchester Family Tree.
—“All I see in our family tree is a whole lot of dead.”
—“Family don’t end with blood, boy.”
—“You are like a brother to me.”

favourite scenes: I prefer the real Raven (2/6)

Rory’s “allergic to bullshit” faces

Redmayne praised the theatrical scene at Cambridge and the diversity of roles available, observing, perhaps bitterly, that in the ‘real’ acting world you are largely confined to “playing how you look.” He did, however, recount one particularly bizarre audition at the ADC in which an eccentric director made him count from one to ten, expressing each number with a different emotion. That sounds like some sort of cult initiation ritual to me. Redmayne also maintained that bullshitting his way through supervisions provided excellent training ground for his acting career. (source)


And here we have donghae and hyukjae letting all their raditating homosexuality shine brightly… like always. (fancams: 1 / 2 )