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why dont ppl like ben winston

  1. first and foremost he’s bad at his job - makes bad videos, conducts bad interviews, consistently holds the boys back from achieving perfection tbh
  2. self-important conceited bag of trash
  3. rides 1d’s coattails like he was born to do it
  4. plagiarized the you & i video - didn’t admit to it, refuted claims, and has been mum about it since it was deleted from youtube due to copyright infringement
  5. MOST IMPORTANTLY he made every single hand in the night changes video white when there was no need for that, then told people on twitter to stop complaining when they called him out on it by asking for, like, at least one non-white hand so that they could have an easier time self-inserting like the video was meant to be viewed. basically showed that he was a racist bag of trash

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Why are you all saying that they are focusing on a dead girl ?

This is the promo picture of 5B:


And there’s two promo (x) (x). They’re pretty much about Beth’s death, the grief of the group, they’re basically don’t show anything new. A promo is supposed to focus on the new storylines, the new challenges, it’s supposed to be a glimpse of something to get excited about, something that’s yet to come. But what did we get? Basically nothing like that. We saw pretty much nothing about what to expect from 5B, we saw no new questions, no new possible storylines (except for Michonne’s voice-over). The promo picture from 5B is literally a still from 5A. This picture is the last state of Beth Greene’s journey, it looks so final, so why do they promote 5B with it, if this journey is so fucking over and there are new things to come?

If Beth’s really dead, I would say it’s lazy work.

If Beth’s alive, then she’ll become one of the new questions of 5B, and the promotions will be much understandable.

And many people posted that there will be a Beth action figure. When she’s already dead. And why not now, right after her death? There’s still hype around her, but if she’s really gone for good, people will forget, so when the action figure comes out, it means less money. Why wait? (Maybe because they’re waiting for February for the much bigger hype when it turns out she’s alive?)

And I’m pretty sure I forgot some things, because I remember I wanted to write more, but I can’t recall it… Guys, if any of you can add to this, that would be great!

5) The Walking Dead

During the Season 4 finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead, protagonist Rick Grimes is momentarily caught unarmed and unable to help the band of comrades who’ve managed to battle their way through an endless nightmare of zombies, too. As always, Rick does whatever he must to protect his family, which in this instance involves ripping his captor’s throat out.

With his teeth.

You might not think the combination of unabashed gore, political allegory, and survivalism would make for ratings magic, but The Walking Dead has it in spades. Based off the popular comic series of the same name, the Dead has not only achieved what few shows can attest in this day of dying cable networks—a ratings increase—it’s also continued to smashed its own ratings records in its fifth season to become the highest-rated basic cable show in television history. Sunday Night Zombie Football has proven more irresistible to Walking Dead fans than its NFL counterpart, beating it in five of six matchups this season and maintaining its soaring viewership to the tune of 15 million viewers for the mid-season finale. That sounds like magic to us.

Grizzly, dystopic, flesh-eating magic.

The Top 10 Fandoms of 2014

taylor14firefly replied to your post “I was wondering. Everyone always talks about Daryl’s feelings for…”

This is a reason (though not the first, but still an important reason story wise) why Beth needs to be alive. We need HER POV on Daryl and their relationship and get to see her feelings. Yes it’s all there, but we need something a bit more concrete.

We’re going to see a lot more of her POV. They’re setting her up for a pretty huge arc. And not only that, but with all the backlash they’ve received from every critic that matters, I’m sure AMC will be a little more apprehensive now to kill her off for a good, long while. ;)

Plus, she and Daryl are going to be a freaking power couple. Think about it: Daryl is basically the face of the show. Bethyl is going to be huge. Hell, it already is.

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The game is Top 10 Husbands/Wives. The rules are, pretty much, to write down your top male/female/nb celebrities or characters and then tag fice people to do the same. 

Mine are:

1. Donghyun

2. V(Taehyung) 


3. Kyuhyun 

4. Bii


5. Himchan

6. Roh Ji Hoon

7. Zhou Mi


8. Minwoo


9. Simon Curtis 

10. Show Luo

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disney’s like “let’s make a latina character! but let’s make it completely unnoticeable in both the movie and advertisements and never mention it so 98% of audiences think this pale blonde light-eyed girl is white unless they look up her voice actress and also extensive character design concepts before they realize that she’s maybe a latina character. that’s definitely representation right”

necessary edit because white people keep trying to tell me, a latina girl, who to feel about disney’s representation and treatment of girls like me:
let’s totally ignore the fact that disney ACTIVELY DISCARDED DARK-SKINNED HONEY LEMON DESIGNS IN FAVOR OF PICKING THE BLONDEST, LIGHTEST-SKINNED, LIGHTEST-EYED DESIGN OUT OF ALL OF THEM. that’s DEFINITELY not indicative of a racist company!!! nothing fishy about that!!! especially when the vast majority of audiences assumed honey was white!!! who gives a shit about alienating dark-skinned latina girls lmao!!!