Sunday Matchmaker - UFC 187 Winners

Great action coming from UFC 187. We got a new champ, the reaffirmation of an old champ, some new #1 contenders, and some promising talent on the rise.

  • Daniel Cormier © vs Ryan Bader - DC did the thing he’s never been able to do. He climbed the mountain. And while the specter of JJ hangs over him, I do consider him champ. Best fighter =/= champion. Champ is the one that does what he needs to to show up. Jones didn’t. And Bader needed to do something to get people to want to see him fight and he did it. Crashing DC’s post-fight conference basically guarantees he’ll be next. And I for one welcome a Bader title fight.
  • Chris Weidman © vs Luke Rockhold - Let’s face it. This fight being the main event of the UFC’s first event at MSG (please legalize it NY) would basically be like print money. I know I’d buy one of those overpriced NYC tickets.
  • Donald Cerrone vs Rafael Dos Anjos © 2 - Cerrone’s on a fantastic run. RDA is on a fantastic run. Let’s get this rematch. While I think most of RDA’s previous issues have been worked out for to his new S&C program, it’s interesting to note that Cowboy won the 3rd round of their fight.
  • Andrei Arlovski vs Fabricio Werdum/Cain Velasquez winner ©  - Whether or not Arlovski’s career resurgence is based in him finding a second wind or just how crap the HW division is, it doesn’t matter. Arlovski is the number 1 contender in my eyes. The timing is perfect.
  • Joseph Benavidez vs Cejudo/Camus or Ali Bagautinov. Yeah, flyweight is hurting right now. Benavidez earned the 30-27 decision over Moraga but it probably hurt his stock a bit more than upped it. He was clearly losing big exchanges with Moraga in the 2nd/3rd round. Add in some iffy situations with the Elliot and Ortiz fights, and we may be seeing Benavidez on the slide. Or the division is catching up. Still we got two big 125 fights coming up. If Cejudo wins impressively against Camus, it might be worth the risk to get him some buzz with a fight with Benavidez. Maybe on that Mexico card going down later this year. If Camus wins, I doubt the UFC wants him fighting for the belt so give him Benavidez. As for Ali, he’s coming off a loss and coming off suspension. He was a top 5 FLW when he popped, so give him a top 5 FLW on return.
  • John Dodson vs Mighty Mouse © 2 - Dodson didn’t really show he was hungry for a fight with DJ. In fact, I thought he lost. Still, he’s probably the most marketable fight for MM right now (that doesn’t involve a Brazilian). Let’s hope it was just ring rust (it wasn’t though) that had Dodson looking so complacent.
  • Dong Hyun Kim vs Wonderboy/Ellenberger winner in Seoul - I imagine the UFC will have Stun Gun in the main event of the South Korea card coming up in November and I imagine they’ll give him a beatable top ten opponent. Wonderboy/Ellenberger winner would fit the description. Maybe Gunnar Nelson if he beats John Hathaway.
  • Justin Scoggins vs Patrick Holohan: I can’t think of a good fight for Scoggins. He’s a guy that went toe to toe with top ten fighters like Ortiz and Moraga, but he’s also a developing prospect. In a division that needs some contenders, I say toss him on a FN main card with Holohan and let him feast. Bound to be a glorious KO. 
  • Islam Makhachev vs Yan Cabral - I mean, why not? Islam showed he’s a UFC quality fighter with a diverse MMA game. Cabral is a tough dude with an intriguing ground game coming off a win. I say stick it on a Brazilian FN. 
  • Colby Covington vs Antonio Braga Neto:Want to see where CC’s game is? Give him a great grappler in Neto. 

Who would you like to see the 187 winners fight next?



so my friend who canceled our plans for today????

yeah, she apparently was on fb yesterday around the same time she texted me to cancel our plans, and she posted on fb: “Need plans for this week, message me if ur around ny”

so basically what i’m getting from this is that it’s not that she was busy today, like she said, but that she just doesn’t want to hang out with me. especially bc when we talked about rescheduling and i said i was free all week, she said she was busy all week, which obvs isnt true

welp. that’s the last time i try to reach out to her

anonymous asked:

Grace is at NBC Cable Upfronts. It's about the new shows they have lined up for summer. Basically a company event. NY has been hosting upronts for all kinds of TV/Internet companies for the last couple of weeks. I understand she even stopped by the Fullscreen upfronts when she was last in NY.

Thanks for the info!


Tbh: I really feel like I have this wanderlust gene. I am never satisfied with where I am. I love traveling and being able to work and explore different cities. I have been in NY for basically a year and a half (on and off) but I’m over it. Yes, I still like exploring NY because there is many nooks and crannies you would have never known/thought about. However, I want a change of scenery already aha My new destination is California. Most likely West Hollywood or Downtown LA. Will I get tired of Cali? Who knows. But I am excited for where my journey will lead.

a way for you to not have your post end up in the tags even when untagged

hi! i dont wanna see any stevebucky in the stevetony tag and im sure some dont wanna see stevetony in the stevebucky tag

ALRIGHT!!! so the way to avoid this is by using ** in your posts

like so

st*veb*cky or st*cky

st*vet*ny or st*ny

basically you only have to use it once for the word, but i guess you can use it twice like i just did. so if youre ranting about a ship you dont like or a character you dont like, just use the ***

keeps the peace :)

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Hi, I'm an anon and I love you and your blog. What's your favourite place that you've visited? If you could vacation anywhere, where would it be? If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Favourite age you've been? A favourite and/or significant childhood memory? Embarrassing moment? Something you're proud of? Favourite curse word? Favourite thing about yourself? If you had to pick a yearbook quote right now, what would it be? Making art or looking at it? Listening to music or playing it?

Ooh yay thanks! I love New Orleans and Panama City. I want to go to Paris and NY and basically everywhere. This is my favorite age I’ve been. (15) I remember spending time with my old best friend. We were always together and we had the same sense of humor and the most boring things were so much fun. I was embarrassed today when I didn’t know that there are 4 of each card in a deck and tried to play BS with 7 cards. I’m good about shaking stuff off but I felt like an absolute moron omg. I’m proud of my instagram. Maybe I’m old fashioned but I love me some fuck words. Idk I guess I’m funny sometimes. My yearbook quote rn would probably be “Do your thing and don’t care if they like it.” I’d love to make visual art but I have no talent. But I fucking love art. So viewing. I can’t play most of my favorite music, so that’s not a fair question! I love both.

Hope you’re having a rad day.


past Times Scare
towards Pork Authority
i never thought id be so relieved to see
Poet Authority

i basically went to ny to get a workout
then waste it all
with a flip flop shaped cookie
on the bus ride home

“helLO beautiful”
it must’ve worked, jerk