The Paris basin.

The site on which the Romans built Lutetia (Gallo-Roman Paris) is a classic example of a sedimentary basin that has been filled with a wide diversity of sediments since the Permian era. It provides the lovely golden limestone you see in the city’s buildings, and perhaps more importantly the terroir for some of France’s best wines, including Champagne and Chablis. The basin is drained by the Seine river, beside which one can laze in a cafe sipping a glass of wine while reflecting on its geological history, and the impact that deciphering it in the 18th and 19th centuries had on the development of the disciplines of geology and evolutionary science.

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And it probably won’t get easier
just easier to hide.
prepare for an aching
the rest of your life.


“And I know, I know you’re in love with me

And I’ve been ignoring you


An unofficial recording of my band David Team Bucket. This is a song called Phoenix Fire, written by our drummer.

Today is all about The Kills as they release their new album ‘Blood Pressures’

Having had several listens I personally give it 

And ok I’m biased, having a girl crush on Alison certainly makes me favour anything she does, but this album stands alone, no favours necessary ;)

“Still, having outlasted the blues rock revival that gave them their post- break and carved their own dirty, druggy, guitar-dragging identity, The Kills’ sound is now more enjoyably familiar than tiredly over-played. They really are starting to own that slashed-amp guitar lurch – the kind that here lends ‘Satellite’ its rusty robot shudder, and the one burrowed into the pulse-judder of ‘Nail In My Coffin’, with its ‘Fix Up Look Sharp’-derived echo-snare smash courtesy of their ever-present drum machine.

It’s business as usual on the whole. And while brief moments of ‘Blood Pressures’ see Jamie and Alison attempt to flutter out of their basement-rock pigeonhole with a few Jamie-sung, Lennon-y moments such as ‘Wild Charms’, these simply demonstrate how the pair don’t really click doing anything other than dark-eyed, ripped-tights-over-the-mic leather-rock” nme


It took me a little, but this band has grown on me so much in the last month. I’ve never felt so connected to a band in such an isolated way.

Who did I think I was?
Who did I think that I could be?
Oh, how dare me!
Oh, how dare me!”

For the faithful readers of this blog, it may be noticed that I already posted this stupid picture recently… but as it is a photo of where all Coventry Climax songs were recorded, it is suitable for use again, as I was just recently informed by that they’ve got a hold of those old songs me & my friends recorded on a 4-track in my parent’s basement between 2000-04.

So do me a favor, and go check out the little page for Coventry Climax and listen to “It’s The Water”, as I really like that one myself.


“Baby, baby I’ll be good to you!
I don’t wanna be an asshole anymore!”