i was tagged by i-am-the-sarcastic

Favorite things: coffee, tea, movies, twinkly lights, flowers, ect

Place: the beach 

Person: my best friend

Color: Blue

Food: pierogies 

Smell: vanilla

Book: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

Movie: Blue is the Warmest Color

Music Artist: Nirvana/The Killers

Genre of Music: Alternative 

Genre of Literature: fiction 

Magazine: Teen Vogue 

Texture: softness?

Time of day: sunset

Day of the Week: Friday

Tumblr: insane—-world

Thing to do when bored: read and movies

Celebrity: Evan Peters and Khole Kardashian (dont judge me pls)

Class in School: Math and art

Website other than Tumblr: uhhhh wanelo?

Drink: coffee, tea, and water

Precious stone: Opal 

Animal: i love many animals but probably dogs

Flower: roses

Time in history: 90s

Font: Times New Roman

Video game: Dead Island

TV Show: American Horror Story 

Play: Sweeny Todd

Sound: music

Fruit: cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberries, bananas, i love fruit  

Vegetable: carrots

Store/shop: Pac Sun

Article of clothing you own: um prob my grey sweater

Fashion/style: black and flowers

Pattern: floral 

Workout: ew wtf who is this

Quote: fuck you

Historical figure: 

Boy’s name: Ryan 

Girl’s name: Amelia 

Potato chip flavor: middlesworth bbq

Meal of the day: dinner i guess

Ice cream flavor: coffee

Soda: i dont drink soda

Popcorn flavor: kettle

Season: autumn 

Month of the year: October

Word: yaa

Disney princess: belle

Insult: tater-twat (thanks bas1c-space)

Joke: knock knock

whos there

creepy mysterious pig

creepy myst-

*loud obnoxious pig noise* 

Cussword: Twat or fuck 

Letter: B

Youtube Channel: polandbananas

Eye color: Blue

Memory: i have a horrible memory 

Dessert: cookies

Candy: crunch bars give me chocolate

Restaurant: um panera

Lifehack: if you be kind to others, they will be kind to you. woah

Language: french 

Thing to learn about: new art techniques 

Thing about yourself: my eyes are cool. 

I’m tagging itscuongtran savinggallifrey and bas1c-space

have fun bitches