[[KonBart. (Potentially TimKonBart.) “Need some more experience.”]]


“Ow, shit!” Bart sucked in a sharp breath. “I just- give me a second, will you?”

“Sorry,” Kon huffed. Everything was always about doing things faster with Bart. That was all he whined about, until the one thing Kon wanted to be fast about something. “Just tell me when, I guess.”

“Since I’d like to be able to walk tomorrow, you can give me a second!”

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anonymous asked:

+ Kon

Send me a “+” and a character you would like to see me hook up with…and mun and muse will give their opinion on the ship.

"Me and Kon?  Well yeah, we’re best buds and hang out and he has really cool hair and stuff."


"Wait.  You mean like…me and Kon…and kissing?”


"That sounds weird.  And boring.  Isn’t it gross?  It looks gross."

ooc; Yeees, I totally ship it.  I don’t know how to think about my main verse with Bart and relationships cause he just…doesn’t get it and so isn’t there emotionally yet.  But yeah, I totally ship it.