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skittle479 asked:

Olivia bring Rafael a birthday cake despite the fact that Rafael has done his best to keep this piece of information hidden from everyone he works with. But of course she is a highly trained detective!

Oh God thank you, this is exactly the kind of headcanon I was hoping for!

This is so cute and I absolutely want to accept it as canon. Liv probably wouldn’t bring a huge cake, though, only one piece or two, which she bought at her favourite bakery. She’s fully able to bake a cake on her own, but she’s not intending to make this a big affair in the office, because no one else knows, and she won’t tell anyone unless Rafael is okay with it, which she didn’t ask for yet, so there’s no need for large amounts of cake.
Also, she’d probably put those number candles on it, you know, these:

And Rafael would be a bit disgruntled at first, because seriously? She even knows how old he is (I headcanon him as old as Raúl because it’s the easiest way, so he’d be turning 45 this year)? After the first moment of shock, though, he’d appreciate it, and have a tiny private party with her in his office. uwu

The world that we’re creating for our grandchildren is grim. The major concern ought to be the one that was brought up in New York at the September 21 march. A couple hundred thousand people marched in New York calling for some serious action on global warming.

This is no joke. This is the first time in the history of the human species that we have to make decisions which will determine whether there will be decent survival for our grandchildren. That’s never happened before. Already we have made decisions which are wiping out species around the world at a phenomenal level.

The level of species destruction in the world today is about at the level of sixty-five million years ago, when a huge asteroid hit the earth and had horrifying ecological effects. It ended the age of the dinosaurs; they were wiped out. It kind of left a little opening for small mammals, who began to develop, and ultimately us. The same thing is happening now, except that we’re the asteroid. What we’re doing to the environment is already creating conditions like those of sixty-five million years ago. Human civilization is tottering at the edge of this. The picture doesn’t look pretty


I’m a terror armed with a digital pen and a book about expressions and if you’re fictional you’re my favorite victim.

Fuck,I have to crop it because it’s too big for tumblr *cry in despair*