Hello darlings! My 22nd Birthday is coming up! On September 6th to be exact (that’s this saturday in case you were wondering). To celebrate I figured that making a tumblr awards would be fun! But I wanted a bit of a twist to it! (just like my previous tumblr awards) So to spice things up a bit, whoever wins the ‘Best Overall’ award will ALSO be my Blog of the Season for Autumn/Fall.  And  in an effort to make more/new friends I’m going to be adding a few new categories, so best of luck my darlings!  

 The Rules/Info:

  • Must Be Following Alejandra
  • Reblog this post, Likes will not count. 
  • September 6th is the deadline.
  • Results will be posted on the day after my birthday! Sept 7th.
  • Minimum of 50 notes
  • A runner up may be added to certain awards 

The Awards:

  • Golden Snitch Award [Best Harry Potter Blog]
  • Mockingjay Pin Award [Best Hunger Games Blog]
  • Enchanted Compass Award [Best Once Upon A Time Blog]
  • The Queen’s Award [Best Arrow/Flash Blog]
  • Golden Diadem Award [ Best Cultural Diversity Blog] 
  • Newcomer Award [ for those who i never knew existed but i should have]
  • Best Url A [ Harry Potter] 
  • Best Url B [ The Hunger Games]
  • Best Url C [ Once Upon A Time]
  • Best Url D [ Arrow/Flash]  
  • Best Theme
  • Best Graphics/Edits
  • Best Gifs
  • Nicest Blogger
  • Best Multifandom 
  • Best Aesthetic/Artistic Blog [ Art, Literature, Photography, Broadway or Fashion]
  • Best Overall [ aka my Autumn BOTS ]


  • Follow back from me (if not already)

  • Bragging rights plus unlimited promos for three weeks

  • My friendship, love and eternal glory

  • A link on my blog and anything else (within reason) that comes to mind

  • Not to mention the chance of being my botm! best of luck darlings

  • The BOTS Winner: A link on my page/promos for all of Autumn, (Sept - Nov)

Please keep in mind that this is all in good fun. I do this because it helps me find amazing new blogs to follow and it lets me gush and praise the blogs that I do already love so dearly. Also a huge thank you to my lovely friend Cassie (malfoyficents) who made the gorgeous edits for these tumblr awards! ilysm darling <3

Happy reblogging!



  • must be following this person
  • reblog this post (likes don’t count)
  • fill out this little form
  • this post must reach at least 30 notes or this never happened


  • friendly, nice bloggers
  • organized blogs
  • fandom/multifandom blog that posts at least a little flash/arrow
  • someone who loves Barry Allen, of course


  • spot on network page
  • new followers
  • place where you can chat, discuss stuff, promote your edits etc etc… ;)


  • you’ll get a message (have your ask open)
  • follow other members
  • track #barryallennetwork 
  • have a link to the network page somewhere on your blog

I’ll choose 10-15 members on August 31st!!! This post must get at least 30 notes… :) message me if you have any questions…

And the results are out! Congratulations to all of the winners! 

Many participated but sadly i couldn’t choose all of you! It doesn’t mean I don’t love ya’ll. This was fun and I’ve found some great new blogs that I’m excited to see more of on my dash, plus i look forward to the new friendships to come from this! Please excuse the graphic which didn’t require much effort or talent (cause i suck but hey at least its sorta pretty?? i mean its Emily Bett Rickards so its not as bad as it could have been just saying….) Anyways. Thank you for all the love, for the wonderful birthday wishes and of course for participating! 

And without further ado……

The Awards:

Newcomer Award:

Winner: gamohras

Runner Ups: arsenalroy ❤ pansiparkynson

Golden Snitch Award [Best Harry Potter]:

Winner: tomfleton

Mockingjay Pin Award [Best Hunger Games]:

Winner: cinnasownmockingjay

Enchanted Compass Award [Best Once Upon A Time]:

Winner: swashbucklerswan

The Queen's Award [ Best Arrow/Flash]:  

Winner: ohlicity

Best Url A [ Harry Potter]:

Winner: dracomalfxy

Best Url B [ The Hunger Games]:

Winner: fourfinick

Best Url C [ Once Upon A Time]:

Winner: lovestruckswan

Best Url D [ Arrow/Flash ]

Winner: smoaksolicitys

Best Theme: 

Winner: malfoyficents

Best Edits/Graphics:

Winner: kathrineplumber

Best Gifs:

Winner:  felicitysss

Nicest Blogger:

Winner: canttake-thesky

Best Multifandom:

Winner: genekelley

Best Artistic Blog [ Art, Photography, Broadway or Fashion]:

Winner: narcissablck

Best Overall [ aka my Autumn BOTS ]:

Winner: felicitysss 

Runner Ups: ohlicity ❤ swashbucklerswan

Prizes for the Winners: 

  • I have already followed back all those who i was previously not following!

  • Bragging rights plus unlimited promos for three weeks - feel free to let me know if you want screenshot promos or solos…otherwise i’ll do them in groups at random times!

  • My friendship, love and eternal glory forever and always <3

  • A link on my blog - I’ll have those up by tomorrow or tuesday at the latest! 

  • The BOTS Winner: A link on my page/promos for all of Autumn, (Sept - Nov) 

Again thanks for participating and thanks for the love!

with complete adoration,


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Okay, my handwriting sucks! It used to be so nice but then it just went into shit… but… 

These are parameters:

  1. name
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  3. blog title
  4. crush (celebrity)
  5. favorite color
  6. write something in caps
  7. favorite band/singer
  8. favorite number
  9. favorite drink
  10. tag 10 people

I should tag  10 people, so i’m gonna tag networks and that means more people more quickly  (understand as - i’m lazy :/ ) :D: so newly-found barryallennetwork and ladies in @clarkegriffinnetwork and zadenetwork and basically anyone who wanna do this.. it’s fun :)