Have you started a new relationship? Have friends that explore your treasures when they think you aren’t looking? Do you bunk with an old sea-salt who needs boundaries clearly expressed?

This sea beast barrier kit is for you then!
You’ll need the following items:

-a steady hand

-a printing mechanism

-moderately sharp shears

-adhesive of some sort

-7 to 10 minutes of uninterrupted time.


Bands that will make you kill yourself or kill someone. I’ll include a song with them for you to check out.

From left to right:

Sworn In - The Death Card (x)

Kublai Khan - Balancing Survival and Happiness (x)

Barrier - EP (x)

Currents - Victimized (x)

Kingmaker  - Less Faith (x)

Gift Giver - Daddy Issues (x)

Sylar - Deadbeat (x)

Villains - 10 Code (x)

Widow - Invertebrate (x)

Left Behind - 1% (x)