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Just curious--why are you annoyed with Jensen right now, if you don't mind me asking?

Jensen is…complicated.  It’s not that he doesn’t ship Destiel, for me; it’s the way he shuts down everyone who does.  He’s the world’s youngest grumpy grandpa, and I do understand that he’s an introvert (and I sympathize), and he gets overwhelmed and frustrated with the constant barrage of ill-mannered fans.

But his casual homophobia really bothers me.  That and the fact that I generally get the vibe that he’s irritated with the fans and fandom and how they choose to interpret and interact with the show, and you’ve got me…rankled.

He is a charming, kind, and decent person, for the most part.  And I don’t have a huge problem with him, but I think he’s got some rethinking of priorities to do.

My seven roleplaying sins:

1. Autoplay: No seriously, nothing is worse than going on someones blog to check them out, only to suddenly be barraged by music. Look, we get it, you want to show off your music but please be considerate of others. Some people have anxiety or panic disorders, you wouldn’t like it if someone suddenly shouted in your ear out of nowhere, it’s the same principle. [This is one of the forgivable sins.]

2. Reblogging as link: Mobile users excluded, of course, as they don’t have a choice. If you do have a choice, however, and choose to reblog as a link, you’re just making it difficult for your partner. Occasionally it’s required for one of you to read back, get context or fact check, that becomes a horror if you have to go through links. Trust me. [This is one of the forgivable sins.]

3. Not trimming: This one is the most annoying, that’s for sure. When you have to scroll down for ten minutes just to get past one post, there is a problem, no matter how good you are at roleplaying, this is really difficult to tolerate. Trimming your post down to 2-3 replies isn’t hard, be considerate of those that follow you.

4. 'S/He laughed.':  A reply of two words is so frustrating, the only exception being a chat format roleplay, these kinds of roleplays make it difficult to develop even the merest notion of plot and nothing is more likely to put partners off a roleplay.

5. Godmodding: Taking control of your partners character is only alright if they have given you permission, this also applies to doing things to their character, like hurting them and such. Unless they have agreed to it, it’s widely seen to be a dick move.

6. Rushing: If you rush your partners, constantly bothering them to answer, you’re likely to just lose partners. People have real lives, seriously, you have to respect that. 

7. Not reading rules:  If you don’t read your partners rules, then you’re just trash. No seriously, they’re important and it’s not like it takes much time. Seriously.

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A few minutes passed in silence before the masked man regained consciousness. His arms twitched before grabbing the armrests of the chair, stopping his body from sliding down liquid like onto the floor. He let out a barrage of small clicks and huffs as he sat up, his form solid again and he looked around his plain room, seeking out the woman. He said nothing when he saw her, choosing instead to remain quiet and vigilant.

Ashton was no longer paying attention to the other, looking around the room for her missing muzzle. She wrapped a cloth around her mouth to keep her mouth covered and out of sight. The cannibal froze when she felt a gaze land upon her back, she didn’t even dare to look over her shoulder.

Lovey Dovey Questions


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1. What is your OC’s orientation?


2. Has your OC ever been in love?

Yes, a couple times.

3. How many relationships has your OC been in?

Technically, two. Her ex-fiancé, and Daalo.

4. How did your OC handle the break-up(s) if any?

She was unhappy about it, of course. Kali is a person who generally doesn’t live in the past however, and she felt no need to wallow in her own misery when she could move on and just keep going with her life. She didn’t die, she wasn’t injured, no sense whining about it.

5. Why did the break-up happen? (Skip if none)

The first relationship with her ex fiancé, was due to a few reasons. She initially only got engaged to him because he got her pregnant when she was taken forcefully by him not much earlier. She was trying to save herself for marriage, but he took that away from her. He seemed like he felt guilty for it, and he promised to make things right by her if she gave him another chance. Which she did. No matter how much good he did, or how well he treated her though, she always resented him deep down. When she lost the baby due to a miscarriage, she couldn’t handle the stress, and left. The second breakup, with Daalo, was much simpler. She felt he wasn’t around enough for her, and she wanted to actually have a relationship and she felt that their relationship was lacking because they never spent time together, and even though he promised to be around more, that didn’t happen

6. Does your OC become easily attached?

Kali cares a lot for people, but in terms of how -attached- she gets? Overall, she actually doesn’t. She doesn’t feel that caring for someone or their well being really needs to be related to how close or attached she is to that person.

7. What does it take for your OC to be attracted to someone?

Kali is a very caring and generous person. She is always honest, and up front about everything and is willing to divulge anything to anyone who asks. She basically expects the same thing from others. If a man is willing to be completely honest with her, tell her things that nobody else knows, trust her… She will find that person more attractive than anything else. 

8. Is your OC monogamous or polygamous?


9. Who was your OC’s first love, if any?

Her first -real- love, was actually Lothaire

10. Who was your OC’s last love, if any?

Last love? before the current love for Syl and Kia, it was still as said in #9.

11. Is your OC in love with anyone?

Currently, she is still in love with and torn between Kia and Sylran.. However, with Kia being away so much, and Syl and her not having gone any further in their relationship either like her and Kia, she’s slowly moving on. Cast is well on his way to capturing her heart, but it’s still early.

12. What is your OC’s relationship status?


13. Is your OC actively looking for a new partner?

Not -actively- no, but she’s of course open to someone if it’s the right person. She’s not exactly ready to be with someone yet, but if the person was meant to be, then that would change.

14. What are traits your OC finds desirable? 

Honesty, possessiveness, a strong sense of need to protect loved ones, and an open mind.

15. What are traits that turn off your OC?

A lack of desire to work through troubles, ignorance, when someone thinks they can change or control her.

16. How does your OC show affection?

She’s a very physical person. She usually will give people hugs, a peck on the cheek if they’re close to her, usually she also likes keeping some sort of contact with them, whether it be leaning against them, wrapped around them as she stands beside them, etc..

17. How would your OC confess their feelings?

She’d just come out with it when she’s ready. If she feels that she’s in love, but is unsure of if it’s the right time to confess that, she usually just ended up slipping and saying it by accident.

18. Does your OC hope to get married?

One day, dunno. She generally thinks she’s destined to be on her own until she grows old, so it depends on if she pushes people away or lets them in or not.

19. What was your OC’s longest relationship, if any?

Probably a couple months, but that was the ex-fiance fiasco. She isn’t planning on being in another relationship, unless it’s fully committal and long term.

20. Would your OC cheat?

No, she wouldn’t cheat. If she did cheat, she’d feel so guilty and would run back to her partner and blurt it out and probably start crying. 

21. How would your OC react to being cheated on?

Chances are, that would be about the only time she may get violent… She rarely ever will get that angry, but cheating would probably be something she would not tolerate. If she didn’t let herself get violent, there would be PLENTY of screaming.

22. How would your OC react to being caught cheating, if they would?
She wouldn’t be cheating in the first place.

23. Has your OC ever thought of children with someone?

She had to think about it at one point when she was pregnant, but since then she’s tried not to think too much about children. Any time she thinks about children, she only thinks back to that time and has a hard time coming back from it.

24. Will your OC have children?

Possibly. Later in the future, -IF- she finds someone that she wants to be with.

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Sasuke Uchiha - Inner Monologue - Chunin Exams - Karin

The male was alone at this particular time. Having left his two comrades behind to find a scroll they did not yet obtain. A loud roar stopped him from walking any further. As he turned, he noticed a huge bear attacking a young redhead. The girl shook in fear.  His eyes widened, something inside of him got all shaken up, he couldn’t help it , he felt driven to save her, nothing in this world could stop him now that he felt so pumped up. Speeding it up, he made it to their location fairly quickly, leaping up, the girl had already tripped. He launched a powerful hit, his well known “Lion’s barrage” against the bear to beat it down. He then stood on top of the defeated wild animal, the small female looking up at her savior.

In that moment he felt taken aback by her outstanding beauty. Eyes that resembled the thing he loved the most in this world looked at him. Eyes just as round and as red as a tomato. In combination to that, there was her crimson hair, which also served as a reminder of those tomatoes he loved. Seeing that beautiful little something stare up at him so adorably caused the usual cold Uchiha to smile. This was the first time since the Uchiha massacre that anything at all could make him smile. Everything about her just comforted him. If he had to think of a word to describe her it would be “cute”. Thinking of just the word, he had to smile so warmly at her, he could not just supress it, even though he was usually so very aloof. 

However, it was time to part. But he didn’t leave before telling her “See ya.” He promised himself he would meet this girl again some time later in his life. He just needed to. Someone able to revive his smile, would indeed prove to become an  important part of his ife in the near future.