Not so sexy!

Okay, so this was not supposed to be my second blog. But I’m at such a place where i do not have access to internet. It’s just the cell phone. I do have my laptop with me but i do not have internet on it nor do i have the time to write about that not so interesting place.
I came to Barnala a week back for a 20 days project in the Trident Plant thinking of meeting a few good people and of course trying to make connections. Above all came to earn some okay bucks that they are going to pay. Firstly, it was a long 4 hour journey from Chandigarh to Barnala, that too in a freaking local bus. Stopping, jumping on the bumpy rough roads of Saada Punjab, at last when i reached the plant, i was sent to the guest house to rest for sometime. So, i got there, took a bath and rested for a while. We left for the venue where the activities were supposed to be conducted and the recruitments were happening.So basically to earn these bucks, i have to get bored to the core, arrange that stupid shit, spend time with just myself, the candidates who come for interviews; handle their pendu tantrums. Thinking about the past week, I’ve become lazy since I’ve come here.

So looking at the fellow hr freelancers also, of one thing that I’m sure is everyone is here for the money. No experience, no emotional attachment to their company, nor is the case of them loving what they are doing. No one is happy, just passing time and cutting the date as each day passes. It’s all about money in the end. People respect your money before you. How much are you earning? Ohh bass? Mere taaye da mundaa taan ehne package te laggeya hoya. Anyhow, there’s a lot about life and other shut that i need to pen down and organise and then post.

Okay so pardon my english, my unorganised second piece that I’ve written in a 10 minutes, rushing through it to post quickly.
So point is things not so sexy here! Will get sexy once I’m back to the grind.

Cheers till the next one..

Kalala village in Barnala District of Punjab in the grip of 'hepatitis C'

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Barnala, Punjab (July 22, 2013): According to media reports Kalala village of the Barnala district has been hit by ‘hepatitis C and diarrhoea’, with more than 200 of its residents undergoing treatment for these diseases at various government and private hospitals.

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Dhanaula (Barnala-Punjab)

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Dhanola (Barnala-Punjab)

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Dhaula (Barnala-Punjab)

Shoe hurling incident: Bikram, two others, released home on bail

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Dhanaula/Barnala, Punjab (September 11, 2014): According to information available with the Sikh Siyasat News (SSN), Bikram alias Babbi, Mahinderpal Singh Dangarh and Harwidner Singh were released on bail two days back. They reached Dhanaula villageat at about 11 pm last night after their release from jail.

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