Wishful thinking- the concept. Team work with tsuntsan who bravely juggled the ideas with me☆ Done for fun as a form of defence against murderous anticipation _(:ェ」∠)_ main assumptions of this design are:
>toned down color palette to match his age
>similarly to Kotetsu Barnaby is also wearing less (presumably Rising takes place during a warmer season?)
>stripes motif matches Kotetsu’s
>keeping it simple because it suits Barnaby best!
>a bit longer, puffier, fluffier and more face-enclosing hair is just my personal preference, bangs are somewhat referenced from this screencap
>buttons are self explanatory but they also make the shirt look like a uniform which I think is pretty cool
>he has to look cool because he’s an idol! so even though the pants are more elegant, loosely tied plain boots make it look less formal