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1. Dream first date? Hmmm, either something that would be really fun-like to an amusement park where we could just have fun & not talk a bunch OR to a dance where I can dress up and it would be romantic but comfortable at the same time because I’d be around friends too? Haha I don’t really know…

2. Favorite music video? A:LDGJDLKSJFAS BTOB’s WOW because sekshihae

3. Favorite song as a kid? this is so lame but the only CD I had for the longest time was one of christmas carols so I would listen to those all of the time ._.

4. Who do you look up to? I’ve never really looked up to anyone. I’ve always just done things my own way. I guess my dad, sort of, because he gives me good advice.

5. Are you scared of dying? Naw, not really. When it’s over, it’s over. I don’t really think there’s an afterlife. I think that I should just live my life the way I want to and live my dreams while I can.

6. Favorite non-kpop band/artist? The Script~they’re the only non-Kpop band I actually listen to.

7. Ever been to any concerts? yes, one. a miley cyrus concert because my friend had an extra ticket and i had nothing better to do.

8. Ultimate bias? Donghae 

9. Pet peeves? Loud people, people who go out of their way to bother me, inside-out hoods, long nails, squeaky voices, anybody who tries to force their beliefs and opinions on others

10. Do you want kids? not particularly

11. How did you get into kpop? my friend showed me Super Junior at 3 AM at a sleepover and then i slowly was sucked into this black hole and i cant escape it.

My Questions:

1. What would you do if you could stop times?

2. Most embarrassing moment?

3. Do you believe in ghosts?

4. If you could do anything, what would you do with your life?

5. What do you want your last words to be?

6. What food would you eat for the rest of your life if you had to?

7. What kind of shoes do you hate with a burning passion?

8. Circles or squares?

9. What is your favorite scents?

10. What’s your favorite song?

11. How many pillows do you use to sleep?