Good…. now do you wanna support cancer patients with the USE of dogs?

There’s this awesome event called Bark For Life and my school is hosting one. It’s like Relay For Life, but with DOGS!!! 

Now obviously I know most if not all my followers can come but what you guys can do is donate to my page  cause if we raise enough this year and it’s successful and everything, then next year the American Cancer Society will actually fund the even themselves and we can have it regularly!

Right now my town already does Relay For Life every year, and it raises tons of money, but imagine if we got dog people involved with their companions? There would be even more! I would love to have this event every year and participate each time

So yeah, every dollar helps and if you don’t wanna donate you could reblog it right?

Help our handsome boy win!

Listen up my lovable nerds!! Our handsome boy, Koda, (picture above) is in a contest and if you’re on facebook, I could sure use your help. All it takes is a “like”. No donations, a second of your time, and it’s for a good cause! Every “like” (which is basically a vote) that he earns helps raise money towards finding a cure for cancer in dogs. Click this –> link <– and it will take you to the photo, LIKE it, and boom! You’re done! Thanks so much my loves <3 Boost this if you want! Let’s help Koda win and raise money towards finding a cure!

Help support the American Cancer Society and spread the “hope” by purchasing a t-shirt!

These special shirts were designed for John, a good friend of ours and fellow supporter of Mallary Hope. They were designed as part of  The American Cancer Society “Bark for Life” fundraising event. Bark for Life combines canine companionship to celebrate cancer survivorship, honor those lost to cancer, and to fundraise in support of the American Cancer Society mission of eliminating cancer though research, education, advocacy and service.

The shirts are a great opportunity for Mallary’s Fans to get involved in a charitable effort as a fan group. All money collected for shirts will be donated to The American Cancer Society in the name of Mallary Hope’s Fans. By purchasing you will not only be receiving a great shirt,  but supporting a very worthy cause! We hope that many of you will participate. We have raised $300 to date! Let’s keep going!

The shirts are $20.00 with proceeds benefiting The American Cancer Society.

Shirts are available in small, medium, large, XL and 2XL (2XL will cost a little extra).

Sorry we are unable to ship shirts internationally.

If you would like to purchase a shirt please send an email to and we will get back to you with payment info.

On Saturday, Olive (right) and I bundled up in our rain jackets and headed out in the pouring rain to meet up with Lola (left) and my friend Laurie to participate in Bark for Life, a walk for dogs and their owners to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.
Despite the rain, we did have a nice time. We may not have walked quite as much as we would have if it wasn’t pouring rain, but after an hour Olive was shivering and totally over it.
We did raise $290 for the cause though and these days any day I feel up for a bit of exercise is a win!

Darla Paulson, of Brandon, S.D., balances a dog treat on Diesal’s nose and paws while attempting a trick for a trick contest during the American Cancer Society of Lincoln and Minnehaha Counties’ Bark For Life event on Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014, at Spencer Dog Park in Sioux Falls, S.D. 

More photos here.

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Audrey (my sis) and Francis might be appearing on the new unscripted TV show “Dogs in the City” premiering on CBS on May 30th.  We were approached by the crew and asked whether we would mind shooting some footage for it while we were participating in Bark for Life, an annual dog walk in Riverside Park meant to raise funds/awareness for the fight against cancer.  Francis was a great sport about it!  Although we’re not sure if they got any usable footage, it was still a fun experience.

Behind the Scenes: TV celeb, renowned dog trainer and author, Brad Pattison

Yesterday’s shoot with Brad Pattison and the awesome team at The Canadian Cancer Society was a hoot, so I thought you might enjoy a “behind the scenes” peek of this media event and book launch.

If you haven’t heard of Brad Pattison, you may want to check out his TV Series airing on Canada’s Slice TV called At the End of My Leash. It also airs in the USA under the name In The Dog House on Discovery Animal Planet.

ABOVE: Tails were wagging at the Canadian Cancer Society when renowned dog trainer, TV host and author, Brad Pattison arrived to kick-off Bark For Life, a new canine event to fight cancer. Bark For Life will take place in Toronto on July 3 at Allan Gardens.

Luckily I was available as I received a phone call with less than 48 hours advance notice. Sometimes these events come together quickly; that’s the nature of the biz. The Society is launching a really fun fundraising event called Bark for Life in downtown Toronto. If you’re a dog owner or walker you can participate. All you need to do is drum up a minimum of $150 in donations by July 3rd, the date of the event.

ABOVE: Though not yet confirmed, it is suspected that this happy terrier is the culprit who piddled on photographer Dean Oros’ jacket during the media and book launch event for The Canadian Cancer Society and Brad Pattison.

The event and book launch took place in a boardroom. So you can imagine when I walked in and was greeted by a bunch of tail-wagging pooches happily playing amongst a room full of executives, laptops, and promotional “Bark for Life” signage. Fun stuff! I think beagles may have a camera-gene in their DNA because one particular beagle wanted to jump up on the boardroom table to get up close and personal with my camera gear.

When Brad walked in and said something about masturbating dogs I almost lost my focus, but managed to keep shooting. I won’t even mention the amount of dog humping that was going on. Funny guy that Brad Pattison. Well, that’s all I’m going to say about that!

ABOVE: TV Host, renowned dog trainer and author Brad Pattison becomes acquainted with a happy beagle during The Canadian Cancer Society’s canine media event “Bark for Life”.

Photographing rambunctious dogs meant I needed to get down to their level, so for a good part of the shoot I was rolling around on the floor with them. Everyone got a kick out of that, especially when I commented I was getting a good ab workout when shooting in mid sit-up. Kindly enough, the Society offered to pay for my dry cleaning bill. Haha. Which is too funny because after I had completed the shoot I realized that a pooch had piddled on my jacket. Note to self: Don’t hang jacket over back of chair when photographing canines.

ABOVE: Unleashed: A Dog’s Eye View of Life with Humans, the new book by Brad Pattison.

The shoot went well. Brad was great with the dogs. I got the shots I needed. Two hours afterwards a press release was sent out complete with a photograph by yours truly.

For those of you interested in participating in Bark for Life, it’s taking place July 3rd at Allan Gardens in Toronto. Here’s a map to help you out. And this link will take you to Bark for Life registration information.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while....

Hello interwebz! I apologize for being so MIA lately and being lazy about updating with all the vegan/raw yummies I have been trying out lately….

I’ve just been busy with my nanny gig, welcoming a new addition to the family, I’m now a nanny of three, so it’s keeping me busy…and we (husband dog and I) have been spending SO many weekends and afternoons/evenings outside because we are being spoiled with some of the most gorgeous weather here lately! 

To apologize and make up for my lack of posts, here are some really cute doggie pictures from our BARK FOR LIFE walk, to raise money for cancer here in Charlotte. Our dog is the white American Bulldog. Enjoy!

Butters, Noodles and Jelly are raising money for the American Cancer Society Bark For Life. It would be neat if you donated a few bucks to their fundraising total. Thanks.