25th Birthday Celebration Parts 2 and 3

My birthday was two days ago, and I am still being accosted with presents and birthday wishes. It is an indescribable feeling knowing that your students, coworkers, and family care for you so much!

One of students knows how much I love the Mexican cookies “Baritas”, and so she brought me some wrapped in glittery wrapping paper.

I also received a pretty sweet Evolution Walmart Exclusive Triple H (I’ve wanted an Authority version Hunter for a while now!), a pretty posable and totally badass Iron Fist (Part of the new Avengers brand of figures), a mini Robocop for my Science Fiction minis collection, the third and fourth volumes of the beautiful and fun New 52 Flash comics, the next installment in the daringly refreshing Batman:Endgame story, and a fucking New 52 Secret Origins collection (didn’t know this was out yet!!)

The piece of resistance was David and Ashley’s Marvel heroes canvas which is gonna go in my office! It is pretty detailed and will be a welcome addition to all the pictures I already have in my office.

Thank you all for the amazing gifts!

Partording ni Acara Pangapulion

1. Marende Huria No. 834 Na masihol do rohangku
Na masihol do rohangku tu na sonang i tu inganan ni Tuhanta i
Tano on ro di sudena pangisina i susa sai susa rohangki
Marolopolop rohangki di surgo di na sonang i
Soada na hurang sabam sonang rohangki, molo dung sahat au tusi.

2. Tangiang Pamuhai

3. Barita Jujur Ngolu ni Natuatua na monding

4. Pasahathon Hata Pangapulion

5. Marende Huria No. 770 Tu Debatami
Tung sun hinagogo ni Tuhan i
Ingot ma Debatam do manghophop
Nang ponjot rohami ndang na leleng i
Tongkinna i pujionmu Tuhan i
Nang ponjot rohami, ndang na leleng i
Tongkinna i pujionmu Tuhan i.

6. Pasahathon Hata ni Debata

7. Marende Huria No. 760 Jesus do alealengku
Jesus do alealengku soada tudosMi aleale na sumurung i di au
Hasoloan ni rohangku Tuhan haposanki, Sipalua na mamorsan dosangki
Na mangapuli au di sitaononki mangurupi au di hagogotan i
Jesus do alealengku soada tudosMi, aleale na sumurung i di au.

8. Tangiang Pangujungi