(sharing the transscript after several month now, since OWN subteam is not complete and the sub project stopped at 65% since over month now, so before you guys will never know what they are saying, please enjoy.)

translated by @Rainb0wMiLLi    TAKE OUT WITH CREDIT ONLY



B: Today we come to have an try to be an barita for the first time.
M: I will make the best coffee in the world!
R: I’ll put my soul and sincerety to make the best coffee.
A: I don’t drink coffee… but I will put all my effort in it.
JR: I’ll just use my personality to do it.
So then I’ll introduce the Barista teacher.

(Barista: Kim Taewon)

Minhyun: Hello~
Ren: Nice to meet you

Barista: Today we gonna try Latté Art, with a very important technique for a barista.

[We learn how to make a Latté]

(Speaker: Minhyun)

1. Clean well!
Let’s see first, what the Barista teacher (sunbaenim) is doing.

2. Grid the (grains/coffee beans?)
Woah - the skills of an professional~

3. Put the powder also in it

4. Place the machine
Now prepare espresso and milk!

The Barista teacher teaches us in the Latté Art.

(NU’EST showing alot of emotions with the done latte art in front of them)

M: Now it’s our time.

Barista: Try to make one~
M: We’ll do well.

[NU’ESTs attemt to make Latté Art]

M: Aron goes first.

Barista: You do well~
Do it in 1 cup..ah you spilled some! Put the coffee on the table.

M: Please look forward to see how Aron going to make it.


Q: You don’t like coffee?
A: Yeah right, I don’t drink coffee but it seems to be fun to draw with the cream on the coffee, so I’ll look foward to it.

B: Is Aron going to decorate it?
Barista: Let’s draw a bear!
M: Working together with the Barista Teacher!
B: Bear?
A: Not yet.
B: I knew it~
Barista: Use the teaspoon to make the ears!
Do it on the other side as well.
Just push the foam to the edges to form the ears.
After that, use the brown powder to make the nose.
Then the 2 eyes.

B: Did it!

M: Aron’s first try: how is it?

(The second one who’s gonna try is JR)

JR: I’m good at these things…I think.

Barista: Pull it!

(JR is doing well at making cafe espresso.

Barista: You do well!

M: Now it’s JR’s turn.
He intends not to do it with the help of the Barista Teacher.

M: It’s ugly!
B: Something is different!
A: Put more in it!

M: Halfaway was fine, but he can’t do well design, which is the most important.

(Of the teacher) | (Of JR)

M: JR doesn’t have the skills of an barista.
The two of them failed.
M: The next one is Baekho
JR: If you fail, it will be embarassing.
B: True…
Aron: He’s already forming something.

Ren: A witch?
M: A elephant?
B: No~

M: Baekho was kinda cute, but he put so much effort in it, that the drawing itself made no sense.
B: It’s a whale.
M: Now it’s my turn!
Barista: Okay the next one!
Meanawhile without Minhyun:
The other members have a secret meeting with the staff.
They are planning a surprise to celebrate Minhyun’s birthday.

B: Make a pretty heart.
This part is the most important.

Aron: Now do you understand how difficult is it?
B: It’s not that difficult.
Aron: It’s already too late~
M:What’s that?
Aron: You can stop! It’s done!
B: Game over!

M: Tadaaa! 
B: What’s that? (in the background)
M: How is it?
It’s ready!
A typhoon!


Q: What experience are you looking forward to make? 
M: The experience of a barista. Ah, the other members are also anxious. I actually like coffee, and If I make my own coffee, draw on it and then drink it, I think I’ll feel accomplished and it will be worth making one.

[The last one who will try is REN]
Ren: I’m looking forward to it~

Aron: Must be because you’re the last one~

Ren: I’ll give my best!

Minhyun: So now is the last one, Ren.

Minyhun: What are you wanting to do?
Ren: I’m going to make something beautiful.

PD: Don’t give orders okay? (t/n: not really able to understand lol but i guess PD meant, that Aron shouldnt tell Ren how to do what)

PD: Are you drawing a tree? 
[Minhyun tries it again!)
Ren: Yep
Minhyun: For our japanese fans, I drew “Japan L.O.V.E” and a heart. I love you.

[So is the art of Ren also finished?]
Aron: Ren-ah~ for now we leave it here.

Q: Which coffe do you like the most?
Ren: I like “Caramel Macchiato and “Americano”. 
The caramel macchiato is kinda sweet, I feel good when I drink it. 
The Americano has a bitter and also pure taste, I like this too.

Aron: Ren’s will be the ugliest.
Ren: No, no, I can’t do it (t/n: “it can’t be ugly”).

PD: Where are the other members?
[ Where are JR & Baekho?]
PD: They can’t leave…
Aron: They are doing a interview right now.
Minhyun: An interview?

[The two are preparing a special gift for Minhyun]

Baekho: Wait, that’s soja souce….
Baekho: Isn’t the color to strong?
[colmparing the colors]
Baekho: Not the same, we dilute it with water.
Baekho: Tap water? Won’t there be a problem?
Baekho: No, no~ more~ the color is still strong.
[JR giving it a text try]
JR: It’s awesful!

[Finally they come to surprise Minhyun]
Minhyun: With Aron and even Ren, all completed their experience with Latte Art. During the break we were given a coffee.
Ren: How is it?
Minhyun: It’s yummy~ 
Minhyun: I drunk it thinking it was a delicious, but…
Minhyun: and it’s bitter…
Ren: Even though it’s a little bit bitte, it’s really tasty.

[Baekho asks to drink it up all at once]
Baekho: Drink it all at once!
Baekho: Drink more, more~ Is it tasty?
Ren: Yes!

[Aron doesn’t really like coffee]
Baekho: Drink!
Aron: Drink?
Baekho: Yes, drink it..hyung, don’t you like it?
Aron: I don’t drink coffee.
JR: Baekho likes coffee.
Minhyun: drink, drink, drink~
JR: Usually I don’t drink much coffee…
Baekho: drink~~ drink, drink~~
JR: Ah I start to tear up…
Baekho: Very bad expression!
Baekho: Minhyun, drink!
[Minhyun is confused]
Minhyun: This coffee is..
Baekho: You like americano, don’t you?

Minhyun: I was surprised that the coffee different than I imaged. 
Minhyun: What’s this!?
Ren: What is it?
Minhyun: What did you put in the coffee?
Minhyun: What’s thit?
JR: We’ve put soja souce in it!

Minhyun: Now the members will talk about each other’s work.

[Work of Ren “Broccoli”]
Ren: It’s a broccoli.

Barista: It’s not a big tree?
Ren: yes, it’s not a tree but a broccoli.

[Work of Minhyun “A Raccoon who drunk Soja Souce”
Minhyun: My work is: “A raccoon who drunk soja souce”
Baekho: What a strange name…
Minhyun: his eyes are so big because he is scared.

[Work of JR: “Tulip”]
Barista: And this work?
JR: It’s name is “Tulip”
Barista: This one?
JR: Can’t you see it?
Baekho: This here is a real tulip.
Aron: That one…
Baekho: The left one is the work of the Barista teacher, the right one is from JR.
JR: The teascher expressed it like this, but I drew it with all the cells in it which can only been been under a microscope, really now.

[Work of Aron: “Bear”]
Aron: The name of my work is “Bear”
Minhyun: an old bear.
Baekho: it has wrinkels.
Minhyun: yes it got lots of wrinkels.
Aron: As I’m the oldest member..
Baekho: Got it!
Aron: I expressed my age with it.

[Work of Baekho: “Fish”]
Baekho: It’s a fish. Even when turning the fish this way, or that way, there will be the eye.
JR: why doesn’t it have an mouth?
Baekho: Well, that’s because…
Ren: An ereption? (t/n: not sure about this part..)
Baekho: Actually it has…a mouth.
JR: It has? The fish can breath under water.
Baekho: Because of the gills.
Ren: An alien!
Baekho: No this…that’s how it’s an alien!
Ren: An angry alien!
Baekho: It’s E.T.

[Time of the assessment!]
Barista: The 1st place goes to…..”Bear”
[Aron’s work: Bear]
Aron: Tell us the 4th and 5th place!
Barista: I will~
The “Set of cells” ans “Broccoli”
Baekho: He said “Set of cells”.
Barista: The “Set of cells” and “Broccoli”
The last place goes to….the last place..?
The “Broccoli”!

[Punishment: Drink a coffee with sija souce and send a message to japanese fans!]
Baekho: Come here~
Minhyun Hey, Broccoli~
Baekho: Start!
Ren: That’s Ice Tea…
Minhyun: It is!
Aron: Try it!
All: 1….2….
Baekho: His hands are shaking~~~what do to?
[Ren tries to escape]
Aron: where are you going?
Ren: I almost vomited…
Ren: I’m tearing up…really…
Minhyun: Start!
Minhyun: Hurry, now the message!
Ren: I love you all~~ *speaks in japanese*

JR: During today’s experience, I really had the urge to learn. 

Minhyun: I have seen several times how to make latte art on TV, so it was nice to make such an experience. 

Aron: It was more fun than I thought. I found a hidden talent..

Baekho: It was much of fun!

Ren: It was really fun~ I love you! I really love you! *to the Barista*

Baekho: Ren will never forget about that.

Baekho So here ends our Latte Art experience. Let’s greet our teacher~ Ren-

Ren: Teacher~~ Teacher~~~ The teacher who made me suffering.

Baekho: Teacher, who of the members did they best today?

Barista: The member who did his best today was Ren!

Ren: I knew it!
Barista: You gave your best!
Baekho: The teacher chose Ren because he was actually afraid of him!
Baekho: So Latte Art ends here! Bye~~
Aron: Bye~~

Ovos recheos

Unha comida rica, sana, fresca e económica!



  • Tres ou catro ovos (un por persoa)
  • Unha ou dúas latas pequenas de atún
  • Dúas ou tres baritas de surimi tipo Krissia (opcional)
  • Tres follas de leituga
  • Maionesa


A elaboración é fácil e rápida:

1. Poñemos a cocer os ovos.

2. Unha vez cocidos, pasámolos por auga fría e pelámolos.

3. Partimos cada un dos ovos á metade lonxitudinalmente.

4. Retiramos as xemas e reservamos.

5. Cortamos en anaquiños as baritas de surimi (opcional).

6. Nun bol, botamos as xemas e desfacémolas en migas. Mesturámolas ben co atún e os anaquiños de surimi.

7. Engadímos á mestura unha cullerada rasa de salsa maionesa e mesturamos de novo.

8. Reenchemos os ovos coa mestura formada e decorámolos como máis nos guste. A min gústame cambiar cada vez q os fago.

9. Reservamos no frigorífico durante unhas horas, xa que canto mási freaquiños máis bos estarán.

10. Servimos acompañados de leituga sen aliño.


Xa vedes que é moi faciliño, asique máns á obra!

Neon Run 5 Fest

Neon Run 5 Fest

Con su inscripción obtendrán:
Playera neón
Kit neón (pulseras, barita led, lentes neón, lentes led, diadema, maquillaje)
Show musical
Kit de recuperación

Brillaran en la ruta dentro del Parque Tangamanga I, la cual daremos a conocer en los próximos días, experimentaran los 5K más divertidos y coloridos donde ustedes serán la luz.


28 de Julio al 15 de Agosto
Equipo (4 personas): $1200.00 - Individual $350.00

16 al 30 de Agosto 
Equipo (4 personas): $1400.00 - Individual $400.00
31 de Agosto al 06 de Septiembre
Individual: $450.00