esmu sagatavojusies visām dzīves situācijām

jeb mani dziesmu atskaņošanas saraksti (jeb “pleilistes”, bet tēzauriskie debesu spēki bargi krata ar pirkstu un teic, ka “neviens atbilstošs šķirklis netika atrasts”)

"le frenchy"
"braiens dzied tik man"
"kad gribas Latweetim būt"
"neraudamie akustiskie (labi laiki)"
"Ievas zvaigznītes"
"franču audiogrāmatas (kad kādreiz sapratīšu frenchy)"
"stāstiņi pirms miega"
"laba balss lasa grāmatas"
"o jee 16 febe"
"kad sirdī mīla, bet besī gruzīties (bet bišķi gribas)"
"ievo sentimento"
"prieks mājās būt"
"staroje zoloto"

bet nu sēžu klusumā un nespēju izdomāt, kas būtu pienācīga klausāmviela greipfrūta mizošanai (tas būs ilgi, jo gribu iztīrīt no visām baltajām ādiņām un neko citu nevar darīt ar lipīgām rokām).

Tony Abbott Makes Me Laugh

So, like many Australians, I woke up to the news today that Tony Abbott had made Prince Philip a Knight of OZ. I’m guessing a lot of people choked on their cornflakes, or kicked their dog. I was different. I just started laughing…

I laughed long an loud. In fact, I just can’t stop laughing about Prince Philip being made a Knight of OZ. Every time I think about it, I start giggling again — which makes me think, maybe this is the best way to deal with Tony Abbott. Maybe we should all just start laughing at him, because laughter is infectious.

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btw there has been a distinct lack of pony photos recently because you’re not supposed to take photos or video at Robbie Horne’s place (well that’s what the sign says, i’m going to save asking for when i ride her on friday). idk why that rule even exists, robbie’s really good with the horses. (i was doubtful when i heard monty roberts was pretty much in love with him, but he doesn’t do any bullshit at all. he sets boundaries but is gentle with how he does it, always strokes her and gives her loose rein breaks when she does it right, and she’s progressing really well with him in just 3 rides, it’s ridiculous.

so yeah she’s as cute as ever, just so you know. except today when she got bargy with leading which is probably cos i haven’t done clicker stuff with her when leading for about a week. i’ll try and sneak a bit in tomorrow.

he’s been working on getting her forward, really conscious of where she’s putting her feet. lots of cavalleti work, leg yields, turn on the forehands and hindquarters, low jumps in a row. with the low jumps he’s even been taking her over them in walk and stopping her right in the middle - one time today she had her hind half way in the air to move over the jump and just slowly put it back to square so she was very clearly conscious of it. it’s just hard cos i know that i have to act like i know what i’m doing when i don’t. not to mention that while she’s with robbie it’s so tempting to let him work with her because of the massive improvements she’s making, but then i need to learn to do it too. so little time and so much to work on!


Center Parcs - Just Us from Rob Chiu on Vimeo.

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EDF Lights Up Football from Rob Chiu on Vimeo.

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