Wouldn’t it be great if Emma realizing she needs a new place comes from constantly getting interrupted just when things are heating up with Killian. A steamy kiss in the kitchen gets interrupted when her parents come barging through the door.  They just lean in for a kiss when her mom comes out of nowhere shoving a crying Neal into Killian’s unwanted hands as she searches for his pacifier.

"You really need to get your own place, love," he says as he holds Neal out in front of him as if he’s holding a bomb instead of a baby.

"Yeah…I’m beginning to realize that."


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WEREBUTTS!!!! I want Liam waking up naked on Zayn’s bedroom floor and Yaser barging in on them. PLEASE.

lol it wouldn’t even be a thing though i bet werewolf zayn collects awkward clueless teen woofs like pocket lint, the full moon before last zayn woke up in his room in bed with still-a-wolf!harry using zayn’s ass as a chin rest

niall knocking on the front door and saying hi to trisha like “good morning mum sorry i don’t suppose you’ve seen my… wolf…?” and trisha just sighs and invites him in for breakfast

this morning-after-full-moon yaser just comes in to roll his eyes, drop a pink fluffy bathrobe on liam’s head, and tell him to tell zayn that if he wants coffee he’d better move fast

thus what-even-happened-last-night werewolf donut liam, wrapped in a woman’s bathrobe, perching one hip tentatively on the bed where zayn is passed out cold, trying to wake him up gently, stroking his stubbly cheek and crooning zaaaaaaaaayn and eventually zayn does wake up and smile fuzzily at liam who did NOT understand, last night as a wolf, just how cute EXACTLY zayn was and probably loses his balance and falls off the bed onto the floor

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having like a hale pack house and liam and brett making out secretly somewhere then scott and isaac barge in their lips connected and then they kind of just look at eachother isaac blushing and brett laughing as the scott and liam kind of just stare at eachother


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Four knights as the Five Nights at Freddy's Crew.

idk man

if the 4 knights wanted to barge into my room in the middle of the night i definitely would not think about locking my door on them

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Hi. Sorry to barge in on you. I’m pretty new here and still feeling my way around, so I hope it’s okay. I have recently discovered some of the meta stuff about Teen Wolf and I must say, re-watching is so much more fun with that in mind. I was wondering if you could clear something up for me. It's more of a canon question. Why is everybody assuming Derek and Laura were in New York before they came back? If it’s mentioned on the show I missed it. I probably did. :-( Or is it more fanon than canon?


Welcome to the fandom and all that. Come on in, the meta’s fine. 

As for NYC, that is actually cannon. If you look at season 1, there’s a thing in 111 where Kate’s got Derek tied up and is going through his wallet. She pulls out his license, and it’s a NYS license with a Brooklyn address. It’s really easy to pause it on the right moment. 

So we have cannon proof that after the fire, Derek and Laura moved to NYC for some time. Most people think they were there the whole time, and Derek came back to Beacon Hills because Laura asked him to or because he lost contact with her. 

Astonishing X-Men #25, by Warren Ellis, art by Simone Bianchi.

I love everything about this scene, from Hank’s barely contained delight to see Ororo again, to the absolute joy they share about the pomp and circumstance behind incredibly elaborate royal names, to the way Logan just barges in swearing and asking for coffee, to the way Hank looks a little affronted as if on Ororo’s (and his own) behalf, to the way Ororo just smiles and accepts Logan for the man he is.


i like that Aqua takes it upon herself to intrude on what is very obviously a private gathering

like i get that she’s like the ultimate keyblade cop or something, but barging into funerals demanding to know how the person died is just a little weird, even for her

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All I need right now is an AU where Harry and Louis are both teachers in the same school and then one day, after a long time of hiding, Harry has an emotional breakdown or something and just runs out from teaching his class and just barges into Louis' classroom and straight up grabs him and kisses him. No questions asked.



Have you ever been the fool of a prank or joke on April Fool’s Day? x